5 Reasons Online Display Advertising Is Simpler Than Ever


A good glass of wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, industry “experts” often make it sound complicated. This is the case with online display advertising today. But marketers need to know that display advertising today is a lot simpler than many of them believe.

Complexity: Old News

Time and again, we are told about how complicated the world of online display advertising has become. We see complicated charts showing hundreds of companies occupying the space, with each supposedly doing something different.

MazeWe hear of administration costs of 20% for executing online advertising placements compared to 3% for executing television campaigns. And agencies struggle to figure out the differences between the latest and greatest technology platforms.

It’s no wonder advertisers feel like they have no other option but to pay lots of middlemen just to get their banner ads served.

But is online display advertising really that complex today? Hardly. The truth is that the image of complexity that surrounds online display advertising today is based on an old industry model. Unfortunately, this outdated image deters marketers from giving display a try and capitalizing on the channel.

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