A Day at the Track: The Simpli.fi Development Team Takes a Break From Search Retargeting to Go Karting


At Simpli.fi our development team works hard to build a world class search retargeting platform for our customers.  The team has been working many long hours to stay ahead of the market in introducing innovative new features to our real-time bidding platform. Some of the more recent innovations have led to some of the most advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) in the industry, and an optimization engine driving performance beyond clients expectations.

As hard as everyone works, we take time to celebrate the victories along the way.  This past week many of the team members went out to the Dallas Karting Complex in Caddo Mills, just outside Dallas, to go karting.Dallas Karting Complex

What is Karting?

Karting is a form of motor sports. The karts look very similar to the go-karts you may have seen at a race complex near you, but the karts we drove were not your ordinary ordinary go-karts.

These are the fastest karts available in Texas for racing.  They can go in excess of 60 mph, and turn on a dime.  If you are good enough on these karts and able to take a lap in under 73 seconds, you can race the professional class karts that can go in excess of 80 mph.

Professional tracks, like the one we drove on, have attract many drivers to motor sports.  In fact, many of the current Formula-1 drivers passion for racing began in karts very similar to the ones we drove last week.

Final Thoughts

As we roll into the second half of the year, we have a lot of exciting development items on our roadmap.  Our inventory will continue to grow and expand into new areas, our already feature rich platform will gain many more bells and whistles (all of which will be available through the APIs), and we will be introducing a whole new level of scale to the industry.  (Standby on this one, it is exciting!)

Pegasus Racing Kart

Not sure where our development team will celebrate the success of the second half of this year, but looking forward to hearing all the suggestions from the team!





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