Addressable is The New Local


The ultimate goal of programmatic advertising is simple: serve the right ad to the right person at the right time. But as anyone in the industry knows, this is easier said than done. However, thanks to and our localized programmatic platform, we are closer than ever before to achieving it.

Since the inception of location-based marketing, has led the way as a pioneer and innovator. We have continually pushed the industry forward, and are proud to introduce our Addressable Programmatic solution as the next logical continuation of the localization and personalization of marketing.


The Evolution of Localized Targeting

When location-based marketing began, the best option available to target an audience was a Designated Market Area (DMA). While at the time it was quite an achievement, with 210 DMAs in the United States the level of granularity attainable was quite limited.

The next breakthrough came a few years later in the form of Zip Code-based targeting. While this was an improvement over DMAs, the average zip code contains approximately 10,000 people and encompasses roughly 90 square miles so we’re still talking about a wide area.

Enter Geo-Fencing. A revolution in location-based marketing,’s Geo-Fencing solution gave advertisers the ability to own their geo with the most accurate and advanced location-based mobile advertising technology on the market. Geo-Fencing allows you to serve digital ads to mobile users seen within a predefined geographic area. This remains one of the best ways for advertisers to effectively reach a local audience.

Today, we carry on this legacy and continue to lead the way in location-based marketing and localization with our Addressable Programmatic offerings.
The Evolution of Localized Targeting - DMA, Zip Code, Geo-fencing, Addressable Leads the Way in All Things Localized

As the leader in localized programmatic, we are trusted experts in all things local. We understand the unique challenges of a localized market, and that is why our platform is purpose-built for the scale of localization and personalization, allowing our clients to deliver performance on high volumes of localized campaigns.

It is due to our extensive experience with all things local that primes us as leaders in this next evolution of location-based marketing: Addressable Programmatic. Below, check out our Addressable Programmatic solutions that are purpose-built for the scale of localization and personalization.


Addressable Geo-Fencing

Addressable Geo-fencing Neighborhood in front of a city skyline

Addressable Geo-Fencing is the revolutionary new way to use digital advertising to target physical addresses. We built it with unparalleled precision and scale to be an effective targeting solution for any size advertiser who is looking to run localized campaigns at the address level. Up to 1 million physical addresses can be targeted per campaign, and our solution offers a significantly better match rate and lower cost of data on-boarding.

Furthermore, Addressable Geo-Fencing with offers true accuracy and precision in targeting. We use actual GPS and plat line data rather than relying on targeting based on IP addresses. And our omnichannel capabilities let you reach audiences across mobile, desktop, and OTT/CTV.


Addressable OTT/CTV

OTT/CTV Hero Top
Addressable OTT/CTV with is the most powerful and comprehensive solution for delivering advanced TV advertising at the household level nationwide. This is the market-leading way to target physical addresses using GPS and plat line data to serve OTT/CTV ads with unmatched precision and scale. These dynamic targeting capabilities mean less wasted impressions and let you target the right OTT/CTV users with the right ads at the right time.

We are also able to target at both the big screen and small screen sizes. With our vast, accurate reach and frequency, OTT/CTV with is the most effective and impactful way to deliver video creative to a specific audience and target tens of millions of CTV homes nationwide.’s extensive and successful history in the location-based marketing arena has positioned us to lead the way with Addressable Programmatic. Addressable truly is the new local. Interested in learning more? Email us at