Addressing Shopping Carts Abandoners Through Site Retargeting


When you look at visitors who visit your website, you can generally plot them across a spectrum. On the far left of the spectrum, for example, you can put customers who have never visited your site. Attracting these prospects takes the most work because, naturally, they’ve never been to your site (hence, the importance of search retargeting.)
You must spark and interest if there isn’t one already and make the customer aware, before finally convincing them to visit.

On the far right-hand side of the spectrum, meanwhile, you can place visitors to your site who have converted. After all, this is the main goal, isn’t it? 
Previously we looked at visitors to the site who didn’t convert and how to attract them through site retargeting. Slightly to the right of the users who have visited and converted on the spectrum we’d put visitors who visited and did not convert. Those that put products in their shopping cart, viewed a specific product or page for example – something the previous constituents didn’t do – yet abandoned it before checking out or converting. Dynamic Audience

These visitors are especially painful in a way because they came so close to converting, but did not. The good news, however, is that they came so close to converting, and as a result, they can be effectively targeted with a good site retargeting campaign. These people have not only interest but also intent. They are interested in your product or service, but they’ve also expressed intent to buy/convert/purchase.

Site retargeting should be an ongoing process, as losing visitors before conversion will always happen, and this method aids in re-engaging these users. Fixing a problem with a solution that previously did not exist. In the past if a consumer left without converting you had no way to continue the conversation with them, aside from an email if they were kind enough to enter their information.

As you can see, there are multiple variations at play, all of which influence the composition of a site retargeting campaign.
The products placed in cart, pages viewed, products viewed etc should dictate the method of retargeting.

The experts at know what approaches work for each group across this aforementioned spectrum. Let us work with you to once and for all get those pesky visitors who walk away from their shopping carts to convert.