An Even Better Way to Buy Display


Yesterday Google announced “A Better Way to Buy Display” with their new “revved up contextual engine” that promises to improve their contextual targeting capabilities. would like to congratulate Google on the announcement, and welcome Google to the world of what we call keyword contextual targeting, which we announced a few weeks back! It is one of ways we enable advertisers to combine the reach of display with the precision of search.

Here at, we offer some advantages with our approach to keyword contextual targeting. So, in addition to matching ads to pages based on keywords, we also provide:

  • Greater Reach. In addition to providing keyword contextual on the Google AdX, we also provide this capability across 11 other exchanges, including Rubicon, Pubmatic, OpenX, and others.
  • Complete Transparency. As a fully transparent platform, we report exact on costs, clicks, and conversions, for each keyword, domain, exchange, daypart, etc.
  • Audience Expansion. Using our unique “Look-A-Like” analysis, we report to advertisers the most common domains and keywords visited by users who convert on your offering. This enables both improved performance and increased reach on campaigns.
  • Even More Precision. Say you want your ad for a new women’s multivitamin only appear on “women’s health” pages containing the keywords “multivitamin”, “health supplement”, and/or “calcium”.  With you can do that by selecting keywords and contextual categories simultaneously.
  • Great Client Service! Yes…you can also give us a call and talk to real people who will help you set up and manage your campaign. Of course…if you don’t want to talk to us you can always use our intuitive UI!

So…if you are intrigued by the opportunities for Keyword Contextual Targeting, give us a holler! We think that you will find that it is an even better way to buy display!