Attention Advertisers: How to capitalize on Holiday Shopping Trends with Addressable Programmatic


It may only be October, but the December holiday shopping rush is just around the corner. The holidays are critical times for many brands as sales during this time of year can make up 30% of a retailer’s annual revenue. The way people shop and how to best reach consumers with advertising is changing rapidly, leading even the most seasoned holiday marketers to reevaluate their strategies. In other words, it’s crucial for marketers to prepare an effective digital advertising strategy so they are well-positioned for success during the year’s biggest revenue opportunity.

Check out these stats that highlight the way consumers shop in 2019
Keep reading to learn how to best reach consumers as we quickly approach the holiday rush.

73% of consumers use multiple channels to shop for a single transaction. This translates into a lot of touches across multiple platforms and devices for one single conversion. (Forbes)

20% of all holiday purchases are expected to happen on mobile devices. (CNBC)

42% of holiday shoppers do not have cable/satellite TV. It is the season of streaming and with over 48% of all people report seeing ads when watching OTT content, it’s time that your advertising follow suit. (OpenX)

Of those shopping this year, 65% said they are doing so to take advantage of deals and promotions retailers will offer. (NRF)

A study found that, in most countries, shoppers value both online and retail experiences. In fact 62% of shoppers said that they use their phones while they’re in-store. (Criteo)


Reach the Right Holiday Audience with Addressable Programmatic

The holiday season is no time to miss out on revenue opportunities due to overgeneralized audience targeting. And, with 73% of consumers using multiple channels to shop for a single transaction (Forbes), marketers need a way to reach their relevant audience across all devices seen within a given household. Luckily has the answer with a suite of Addressable Programmatic solutions that reach every screen in the household.

Addressable Programmatic with lets marketers target at the address-level across multiple devices seen within each household, including mobile, desktop and OTT/CTV devices. This translates into all kinds of dynamic benefits for the holiday marketer. Leverage CRM data to send out holiday promotions to repeat customers, or augment direct mailing campaigns with digital advertising to bring in new business. Don’t have access to your own first-party data? Let curate targeting lists on your behalf based on over 1,500 variables. The possibilities are endless to increase brand awareness and drive more conversions!

Read on to learn more about the addressable targeting solutions that make it all possible.


Granular Household-Level Targeting with Addressable Geo-Fencing

As the most granular location-based targeting solution on the market,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing provides marketers with a revolutionary new way to target physical addresses with digital advertising and forever change the way they approach holiday ad campaigns.
We built it with unparalleled precision and scale to be an effective targeting solution for any sized advertiser who is looking to run localized campaigns at the address-level and effectively reach every screen within each desired household. The end result: relevant ad campaigns that reach each household based on their individual wants and needs.

Rather than rely on the limited effectiveness of IP-based targeting, our Addressable Geo-Fencing uses actual GPS and plat line data (derived from property tax and public land survey information) to precisely target the desired households. Marketers can target up to one million street addresses per campaign with the ability to run an unlimited amount of campaigns within the platform.

Add to that free list onboarding and a match rate of around 90%, and you’ve got a solution that scales up the right way.


Leverage OTT/CTV Advertising in Your Holiday Campaigns

This holiday season, don’t miss out on the fastest-growing channel for reaching relevant consumers.’s Addressable OTT/CTV solution lets marketers own OTT/CTV advertising by delivering advanced TV advertising at the household-level nationwide.

Addressable audience targeting is the most precise, granular, and scalable way to serve video creative to individual households via OTT/CTV devices. This solution also has the added capability of targeting either the big screen in the living room and/or small screens such as mobile devices and tablets.

Addressable OTT/CTV advertising with is the most effective and impactful way to target tens of millions of CTV households. And just as with Addressable Geo-Fencing, we use GPS and plat line data to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted. This means significantly better ROI and less wasted impressions, since each household can be targeted individually and distinctly based on different factors.


Track the Effectiveness of Your Holiday Campaigns

Don’t take a guess at how your holiday campaigns are performing. With marketers can get the facts and know if their campaigns had an impact; and if so, by how much. The answer lies within’s dynamic foot traffic attribution capabilities for all Addressable Programmatic campaigns.

Thanks to pinpoint-accurate mobile technology and unrivaled cross-device matching from, advertisers can track the number of users who were served an addressable ad, regardless of which device it was served on, and then visited the advertiser’s location. By measuring offline conversions, it’s easy to show the impact that your campaigns are having on the bottom line.

Now holiday advertisers can see how each household is responding to digital ads, and adjust and optimize accordingly. This is truly next-level targeting and attribution.

Savvy marketers are already preparing for the 2019 holiday shopping rush. Make sure you have the industry’s most powerful audience targeting solutions ready to go. Addressable Programmatic with is the best way to maximize ROI for your 2019 holiday ad campaigns. To learn more, contact us at