Attracting Consumer Attention Through Retargeting


Retargeting is a fairly new way of attracting customers by exposing them to advertisements that are related to content in which they have already displayed interest. By continually placing particular products, services, and company names in front of a consumer, in a variety of ways, it is possible to drive them to visit, or revisit, a particular site. Applied successfully, retargeting can actually cause the consumer to purchase the particular product or service.Cart with presents

There are two common forms of retargeting, and though their basic concept is similar, they actually address two different groups of consumers. The goal of site retargeting is to cause a consumer to return to a site they have already visited. There is a far greater likelihood that they will purchase something the second time they visit the site, so getting them to return can be very effective.

Although it is also common to retarget users who have visited your site and made a purchase already in hopes of continuing to engage them to purchase down the road and engage with you, as well as giving marketers the ability to cross-sell to those who have already purchased.

Whether using site retargeting to engage site visitors who have converted, to engage site visitors who have not converted or both – the fact remains it gives you the opportunity to become a familiar “face” so to speak.

Search retargeting focuses on the acquisition of new consumers, and uses a consumer’s online search data to determine which display advertising will have the desired effect. The ultimate goal of retargeting is to turn users into loyal customers, and that begins with attracting consumer attention. Using site and search retargeting together in with your existing online marketing tactics has never been easier. To learn more contact us.