Back-to-School: What Are Shoppers Looking for Online?


We recently wrote about taking advantage of online back-to-school shoppers. As a follow up we thought it might help to share back-to-school keyword list creation tips to get the most out of your search retargeting campaigns.

Research shows that the peak purchasing season is the month leading up to the start of school and the rush doesn’t taper off until mid-September. Further, almost 2/3 will begin shopping in the first week of August. With August approaching it’s the perfect time to take advantage of back-to-school shoppers searching online by showing you the categories most searched for in the weeks ahead.

Back to School: Top Searched Keywords

Back to school top keywords by category

Source: Google AdWords Keyword Tool, July 2013

B2C net average spend

So you have a basis for creating a keyword list, but what about the ads themselves? What are some great ideas for attracting BTS shoppers searching online to click on your creative?

  • A study found that the most successful ads for BTS contained copy that used phrases like “sale” “coupon” “discount.”
    • So, including these phrases in your ads is a win-win
    • Try dynamic creative – used in site retargeting – which tailors creative to the products users view while on your site. The user is served an ad containing products they viewed or put in their cart before leaving your site to remind them to return. This is a great personalized companion to BTS search retargeting campaigns.

Average CTR

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