Beet.TV Video Series: Learn About Exciting Developments Happening with CTV, TV Buying, and Addressable Programmatic

11/11/2020 is excited to partner with Beet.TV, a leading media company reporting on ad tech innovation and the transformation of television, to bring you a new leadership series: “Streaming Boom Accelerates the Adoption of CTV.” Over the past few weeks, Beet.TV has released the first five videos of the series speaking to industry developments within the CTV space, as well as ongoing trends and where connected TV is headed as we move into the new year.
Check out the first five videos of this series below, and be sure to look for more Beet.TV videos from our series to be released each week.
‘Addressable Advertising at Scale Is Here’: Cox’s Beth Crotty

In this video interview, Beth Crotty, executive director at Cox Media, discusses addressable advertising and its ability to scale both in the linear space and connected TV space. Beth also discusses the benefits of addressable advertising for small-and medium-size businesses hurt by the pandemic.
Geofencing’s Power Grows with Addressable TV: Propellant’s Brent LeVasseur

Location-based marketing has long been a powerful way for advertisers to reach their target customers at the moment when they’re ready to make a purchase. In this video interview, Brent LeVasseur, Vice President at Propellant Media, speaks to the role geo-fencing plays in helping advertisers run successful location-based marketing campaigns. He also discusses the force multiplying effect of adding addressable targeting to geo-fencing tactics.

DSPs Are Helping TV Ad Buying Become Agile: Pivotal’s Levine

The disruption wreaked by COVID-19 has caused advertisers to be weary of committing to big upfront TV ad buys. Rather, they want the ability to be more responsive and nimble. In this video interview, Michael Levine, Pivotal Research’s senior analyst for internet and media, discusses how demand-side platforms are helping advertisers do this in CTV environments. Michael describes the effects of COVID on TV sales, the CTV capabilities available with DSPs, and more.

How CTV Economics Will Shake Out: Rob Norman

As CTV continues to be one of the industry’s hottest topics, many are wondering where it is headed in the next few years. Perhaps no one is better qualified to speak to that then Rob Norman, veteran GroupM executive and board member. In this video interview, Rob discusses extracting maximum value from ads on the big screen, CTV’s growth trajectory, the new economics of TV, the Google effect, and more.
Election Advertising will Move Brands To Connected TV:’s Moore

With more than $1 billion having been spent on TV ads for the 2020 election, it’s important to note that many other advertisers turned to CTV. In this video interview, Chief Revenue Officer James Moore talks about why. He speaks to the use of CTV to reach local audiences, causes behind the CTV boom, the migration of ad spend dollars to CTV, and more.

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