Case Study: Auto Dealer Engages Audience with’s OTT/CTV


Couple watching OTTCTV device with and Ad being shown to’s localized programmatic and OTT/CTV solution continue to help clients hit (if not exceed) their campaign goals and maximize ad delivery. Check out the case study below to see one of our latest success stories—an auto marketer who wanted to use existing video ad assets in the OTT/CTV space.



Auto marketers, one of the biggest TV advertisers, are shifting gears and incorporating digital into their overall marketing mix at a rapid rate. This, paired with the emergence of OTT/CTV advertising, has auto advertisers taking notice and clamoring to take advantage of the opportunities that exist when marrying the benefits of linear TV with the targeting and performance capabilities of digital.

An auto dealership who had experienced strong success with programmatic display on desktop and mobile wanted to utilize their already existing video advertising assets from traditional TV spots to tap into the advanced targeting capabilities of OTT/CTV. Having been in partnership with for over a year on their programmatic display efforts, they knew that’s OTT/CTV solution was going to be the best product in the market.’s use of unstructured data would allow the dealership to bring the benefits of digital advertising to OTT/CTV and reach a relevant audience of users on the big screen in their living rooms.

The advertiser decided that the best time to make their foray into OTT/CTV advertising was during the manufacturer’s large end-of-year sales event. They wanted to reach an audience of local users who were actively involved in the car-buying process and particularly interested in the dealer’s brand. Their goal was to achieve a high video completion rate and maximize delivery.



The dealership, their marketing agency, and developed a comprehensive strategy to reach a relevant local audience of car buyers. First, the team repurposed the dealership’s video creative assets to be utilized across OTT/CTV. Next, the team wanted to expand their reach and target users who were exclusively streaming content on specified large-screen devices based on their online behavior.

Utilizing’s behavioral OTT/CTV audience targeting solution, the advertiser was able to reach users on the big screen only with video ads based on their online search behavior. By pairing search retargeting with OTT/CTV, the dealership would be able to reach auto intenders who were actively searching for the dealership’s name, brand, and vehicles and serve them video ads in their living room at a fraction of the cost of linear TV ads.

The campaign initially incorporated two keywords related to the manufacturer and dealership name. Shortly after launch, optimized the campaign by expanding the audience to include additional keywords related to vehicle buying, such as key terms and phrases based on car dealers, vehicle makes/models, and cars/trucks. This helped the advertiser reach even more relevant users and achieve deliverability goals without sacrificing performance.

Two people buying a car with a salesman

With’s Reporting Center, the advertiser was able to access in-depth video event reporting. Overall, the :15 second OTT/CTV Ads achieved a Video Completion Rate of 88% satisfying the advertiser’s goal. Additionally, the advertiser was able to gather insight into the mute rate and pause rate of their OTT/CTV ads, resulting in .275% and .1% respectively.

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