Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods Brand Builds Online Awareness with’s Behavioral Solutions


Advertiser Overview
•  Cajun food consumer packaged goods brand with large presence in the South
•  Advertised multiple products to drive brand awareness
•  Began working with seasonally in 2019-2020, and always-on in 2021
Agency Overview
•  Independent media consultant with 35+ years of experience
•  Partner of’s since 2019 on behalf of more than 20 advertisers
•  Worked with the brand’s creative agency to develop advertising assets
•  15.95Cost Per Action
•  167M Impressions
•  0.18%% Click Through Rate




Consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers can have complex campaign requirements as they have to simultaneously manage many campaigns across different product lines and regions. The right programmatic partner can help alleviate any headaches associated with this by scaling national campaigns to account for local preferences and requirements. One such CPG brand, focused on Cajun food products, sought to increase brand awareness for multiple products during the holiday seasons in the fourth quarters of 2019 and then 2020. After the success of back-to-back seasonal campaigns, the advertiser decided to go all in on’s robust programmatic solutions with always-on campaigns throughout 2021.

In 2019, the brand partnered with an independent media consulting group to develop their overall programmatic strategy and select a DSP partner. The media consulting group selected as the DSP of choice for this advertiser, as well as over 20 other brands, to leverage one-of-a-kind behavioral targeting and granular reporting capabilities. Similarly, the brand was interested in’s unique ability to deliver performance on large national campaigns and providing valuable insights down to the individual data element-level.

For the 2021 always-on national campaign, the brand, media group, and developed a unique programmatic strategy to increase awareness for five product categories. The advertiser sought to maximize delivery and achieve a Click Through Rate of 0.15%. In order to drive performance, they also measured online actions, defined as users who visited the brand’s website after being served an ad. They relied on Keyword Search Retargeting, Keyword Contextual Targeting, and Site Retargeting to reach relevant users with display ads.


The advertiser wanted to reach a custom audience based on search inquiries and other online behavioral activity. The team deployed Keyword Search Retargeting and Keyword Contextual Targeting to reach users who were actively looking for and reading about content related to their food products. set-up the campaign to be broken down by product category, such as breading, sauces, boils, and air frying. implemented 2,660 keywords including seafood, fried chicken, fryer, batter, and crawfish. The brand targeted users around the country, with an emphasis on six states in which their products sold particularly well: Texas, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana. Because is able to report down to the individual data element-level, the media group could then analyze performance individually by region and make adjustments mid-flight based on which keywords and regions were driving the most actions. Additionally, the brand focused on those six states based on past customer purchase history.

Finally, they wanted to focus even further on reaching consumers who were already familiar with the brand. The media consulting group also provided a third-party audience segment consisting of known purchasers of the brand’s products to layer onto the behavioral tactics. Doing so allowed the advertiser to continue targeting recent customers to generate more repeat sales. Additionally, the team used Site Retargeting to serve ads to users who had visited the brand’s website, thus, enabling the brand to guide users though the marketing funnel and drive actions.

OPTIMIZATIONS HELP DRIVE PERFORMANCE constantly monitored the campaign and made mid-flight optimizations to improve performance. With the campaign broken out by product categories and regions, the team could easily shift budgets accordingly to ensure balanced spend. This meant that the media group could easily see which targeting tactics were performing well by product and location to share in-depth analysis with the advertiser.

From January 2021 to August 2021, served more than 167 million impressions. Furthermore, the team achieved a CTR of 0.18%, beating the goal of 0.15%. The advertiser and media consulting group were so pleased with the results that they continue to work with to drive awareness for their products among relevant customers.
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