Case Study: Electronics Retailer Engages OTT/CTV Viewers with


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For businesses looking to reach a relevant local audience with ads, it’s crucial that they incorporate the most effective targeting tactics to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. With an array of audience targeting solutions available on our localized programmatic platform, continues to be the DSP of choice for running localized ad campaigns at scale.

This is why a regional electronics business with multiple locations chose’s new OTT/CTV solution to engage customers and generate awareness with a large-scale ad campaign. Check out the case study below to see how our advanced OTT/CTV solution was used to successfully reach a large, localized audience of potential shoppers in various areas across the U.S.


As the Thanksgiving shopping weekend was on the horizon, a multi-location regional electronics store was looking to ramp up their advertising with a large-scale branding and awareness campaign. In partnership with their local newspaper partner, they were looking for the right solution to deliver a high number of impressions to a relevant, localized audience. With a target market of shoppers for large electronics such as TVs and home entertainment systems, the advertiser determined that the best format to engage with potential customers would be through Over-the-Top and Connected TV channels. They wanted to reach their audience on both the big screen and small screen across the devices they use all day. Therefore, the advertiser and newspaper chose to utilize’s new OTT/CTV solution to put their message in front of the right user on premium streaming inventory with video ads. For this branding and awareness campaign, the advertiser’s goals were to maximize delivery and achieve a video completion rate above 75%.


Not only did the electronics store want to reach a large audience of potential shoppers in the areas they service; they hoped to achieve high engagement with those viewers. Therefore, the local newspaper and developed a strategy to target local OTT/CTV devices with engaging video creative to reach users across both the big and small screen. The team geo-optimized the campaign to the zip codes nearby the advertiser’s stores and specifically targeted OTT/CTV devices. The advertiser used a combination of :15 second and :30 second video, and’s OTT/CTV solution delivered the ads across premium inventory with a mix of pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads within streamed content. After campaign launch, has made midflight optimizations to improve delivery and performance including shifting budget between the ad types and adjusting CPMs to win more competitive bids and maximize video completion rate.


Over the course of the four-month campaign, has achieved the delivery goals with the advertiser continuing to renew each month. Further, the video ads achieved an 89% completion rate, greatly exceeding the 75% completion rate goal. As the campaign continues, will continue to regularly optimize the campaign to ensure continued success.
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