Case Study: Home Aquarium Product Supplier Drives Actions with’s OTT/CTV Solution


Advertiser Overview
•  Supplier of home aquarium equipment and water treatment solutions
•  Sought to run OTT/CTV and display ads to increase awareness
•  Implemented their first ever programmatic campaign with
Agency Overview
•  Full-service advertising agency based in the U.S.
•  Part of a large agency holding company
•  Partner with since early 2019 on behalf of multiple advertisers
   and track online-to-offline conversions
•  14.1Million Impressions
•  $33.20 Cost Per Action for OTT/CTV Ads
•  $2.52 Cost Per Action for Display Ads





With the ability to deliver large-screen video ads to highly-engaged viewers, the benefits of OTT/CTV advertising for building brand awareness are clear. However, savvy marketers are taking their OTT/CTV advertising efforts to the next level by driving bottom-of-the-funnel actions. Recently, a supplier of home aquarium equipment partnered with their ad agency and to reach relevant users and track online and offline conversions at a low cost.

The advertiser’s agency is part of a large agency holding company and has partnered with since 2019 on behalf of many clients. With’s addressable OTT/CTV solution, as well as unique behavioral targeting tactics, the brand and agency set out to efficiently maximize reach among their target audience. Their goal was to achieve a Cost Per Action of $50, with the action defined as a desired behavior taken on the website, as well as foot traffic visits to retailers where their products are sold.

Together, the brand, agency, and designed a custom strategy to accomplish their goals with granular audience targeting featuring both display and OTT/CTV video ads.’s Addressable Audience Curation and Addressable Geo-Fencing solution enabled the brand to curate an audience for targeting at the household-level with massive scale. In order to achieve strong results, the team deployed Keyword Search Retargeting and Contextual Targeting to target based on users’ online behavior across all of their devices. The campaign also leveraged Site Retargeting.


For the first part of the strategy, the agency used’s Addressable Audience Curation to build a custom audience that aligned with their ideal consumer profile. They custom-curated an addressable audience in real-time based on location data and by choosing from more than 500 demographic variables. Ultimately, this produced an audience of 11.1 million households featuring users in the 25-54 age range with a known interest in fish across 21 states where their products are sold.’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution then automatically built target zones around the exact shape and size of each individual property using GPS data paired with plat lines. This enabled the advertiser to reach all of the devices in a home with large-screen OTT/CTV ads as well as display ads. Additionally, drew more than 9,000 Conversion Zones around locations where their products are sold, allowing the agency to track in-store visits of users who had seen an ad.


In order to achieve large-scale OTT/CTV advertising and reach even more relevant consumers, the agency and brand leveraged several of’s behavioral targeting tactics. The campaign featured Site Retargeting, Keyword Search Retargeting, and Keyword Contextual Targeting to capture users who were actively searching for fish care products. Site Retargeting allowed the advertiser to serve both OTT/CTV and display ads to users who recently visited their website. With Keyword Search Retargeting and Keyword Contextual Targeting, the campaign served ads based on the content that users were reading and searching for online. implemented 390 keywords related to fish care, including aquariums, betta fish, tank water, and tropical fish.’s cross-device matching enabled the brand to measure conversions from users who viewed an ad on one device and then took action on another. Conversion pixels on the advertiser’s website tracked users who had been served an ad and then took one of the desired actions on their website.


Overall, the advertiser and agency were thrilled with the results of the campaign. served more than 14.1 million impressions across the country. The Cost Per Action of visiting a store or taking a designated action on their website averaged to a $2.52 CPA for display ads and $33.20 for OTT/CTV ads. The advertiser was so pleased with the results that they renewed the campaign before the scheduled end date. They continue to use’s platform to drive awareness and action among relevant consumers.

Addressable Targeting with Offline Conversions

The advertiser curated a custom audience with more than 11 million homes in 21 states featuring users in the 25-54 age range and an interest in fish to target at the household-level. Using Conversion Zones and cross-device matching, attributed offline conversions for viewers who visited a store after seeing an ad.

Behavioral Targeting with Online Conversions

The campaign also featured web-based behavioral targeting to reach users based on intent, consisting of Keyword Search Retargeting, Contextual Targeting, and Site Retargeting. The advertiser measured online conversions for users who took a desired action on their website.

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