Case Study: National Archery Organization Increases In-Store and Online Visits with Advanced Targeting and Attribution from



A national organization for archery and bowhunting enthusiasts was looking to promote the sport on behalf of its members and encourage consumer action. It wanted to drive physical visits to retailers that sold archery equipment, as well as increase traffic to its website. In order to granularly target the right audience and track conversions, it turned to a well-known cable company that has long relied on’s advanced targeting technology.

The organization hoped to increase visits to 1,131 archery and sporting goods stores across the United States and Canada, while achieving a low Cost Per National Archery Organization. In particular, the organization wanted to use’s targeting solutions to reach two precise audiences:

  1. Users who were unfamiliar with archery and would need to purchase equipment.
  2. Users who were already interested in archery but wanted to learn more.

The cable company designed a Geo-Fencing strategy to target users who were unfamiliar with the sport, as well as a Search Retargeting and Keyword Contextual strategy to reach users who were already interested in archery. It planned to use display, video, and OTT/CTV creatives provided by the organization.


Together, the archery organization and cable company developed a blended campaign to precisely target the two audiences. First, they identified 1,131 archery stores and sporting goods retailers that sold archery equipment across the U.S. and Canada. They decided to target users within a specified radius around each location in order to encourage those who were unfamiliar with archery to visit a retailer. The team drew target fences to capture these consumers and retarget them for up to 30 days, along with Conversion Zones around the 1,131 individual retailers to measure users who were served an ad and then visited a store. served OTT/CTV ads on large and small screen streaming devices to reach users with engaging, immersive ads in a non-skippable environment.’s cross-device graph also enabled the organization to track both the physical visits and website visits from users who were served OTT/CTV ads on the large screen. This advanced attribution reporting—along with’s ability to granularly target OTT/CTV advertising at scale—delivered the impact of traditional linear TV ads with the precision and conversion tracking capabilities of digital.


With the Geo-Fencing strategy in place, and the cable company set out to reach users who were already interested in archery and encourage them to visit the organization’s website to learn even more. Using both display and video creatives, implemented Search Retargeting and Keyword Contextual tactics to reach users in the same U.S. zip codes as the sporting goods stores based on the keywords they were searching and the content they were reading. The team constructed a custom keyword list of over 1,200 terms related to archery, hunting, bow and arrows, and more, which allowed the advertiser to reach relevant enthusiasts based on intent data.

By targeting users at the keyword-level rather than via pre-packaged audience segments, the archery organization had full transparency and visibility into the data guiding each individual impression. This gave the advertiser far greater control over the campaign with insight into why users were targeted, when they searched for or read relevant keywords, and the keyword-level costs to reach them. As the campaign progressed, adjusted the recency windows that determined when it would target users after they searched for a keyword or read content containing certain keywords. These recency adjustments ensured that the campaign reached users within the optimal time frame for them to convert by visiting the website.


Over the course of three months, generated 8,026 visits to archery and sporting goods stores across the U.S. and Canada for a CPV of $6.61. In addition to exceeding the organization’s $8 CPV goal, also generated 11,559 visits to the archery website. The cable company was so pleased with the campaign’s results and the ability to track online and offline conversions for OTT/CTV ads that it has since increased the number of OTT/CTV campaigns it runs with by 800%.

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