Case Study: National Convenience Store Chain Boosts In-Store Foot Traffic with Strategic OTT/CTV Advertising Partnership


OTT/CTV advertising and foot traffic attribution are two of the most powerful drivers in programmatic today. What if advertisers could combine the two and measure the impact of their OTT/CTV campaigns?

Now they can. Check out the case study below to see how a national convenience store chain leveraged our industry-leading OTT/CTV targeting solution in tandem with foot traffic attribution capabilities across 750 locations. exceeded the client’s expectations thanks to our precise and scalable household-level targeting capabilities, and is now the brand’s exclusive addressable programmatic partner.


Trusted Partnership with Agency

After seven years of partnership between the agency and, they had established a trusted relationship. As part of one of the world’s largest agency holding groups, they understandably have high standards for technology and media partners. After all, their clients have considerable budgets and expectations for performance, attribution, verification, and streamlined reporting across their media buys.

When one of their brand advertisers was preparing to launch a national campaign with a $465,000 budget, the agency went to RFP and included against other DSPs. The brand had not worked with previously, but was particularly interested in utilizing’s OTT/CTV advertising solution with the ability to measure foot traffic attribution. Additionally, they were interested in’s location-based targeting capabilities with Geo-Fencing to target precise geographic shapes and Addressable Geo-Fencing to target specific individual households.


High Standards for Verification and Reporting

The brand – a national gas station and convenience store chain – was looking for a programmatic advertiser partner to drive offline foot traffic to more than 750 physical locations. In order to have a single source of reporting and to verify results, they were looking for a solution that would work with their third-party tracking partners: DCM for reporting, Cuebiq for foot traffic verification, and IAS for viewability tracking. They selected to take advantage of OTT/CTV attribution for foot traffic, unmatched audience targeting capabilities with Addressable Geo-Fencing, granular and robust reporting capabilities, and the ability to work well with third-party measurement tools.


Household-Level Targeting, the agency, and the brand developed a strategy to increase foot traffic into the convenience stores. First, they decided to source two different household address lists via that would allow them to reach their target audience at the household level. Based on demographic and interest-based criteria, provided address lists of 1.1 million households located near the convenience stores.

The address lists were then uploaded to the platform. Using GPS data paired with plat lines, automatically matched these addresses to the exact physical location, shape, and size of each household. The system then built a geo-fence targeting zone around each address to capture users for retargeting across all of their devices including OTT/CTV, mobile, and desktop. The team also built conversion zones around each convenience store to track the number of users who were delivered an ad and then visited a store.


Gas Station Pump Targeting

The advertiser also utilized’s Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones technology to encourage gas station customers to also enter the adjacent convenience store. The team was able to build custom-shaped geo-fence targeting zones around the gas pumps at each of the 788 locations and then build a conversion zone around the convenience store. This would measure the number of users who visited a gas pump, were delivered an ad, and then entered a convenience store.


OTT/CTV Advertising with Foot Traffic Attribution

The campaign featured OTT/CTV video creative to reach users with immersive streaming content on large screens, as well as pre-roll video and display ads. The OTT/CTV and pre-roll ads included three sets of :15 second videos and two sets of :30 second creative.’s OTT/CTV advertising solution allowed the advertiser to track the increase in physical store visits from households that have been served OTT/CTV ads. In addition to tracking the users who were served pre-roll and display ads, the agency and brand were able to measure the number of visits and the Cost Per Visit for each creative type.


Success Confirmed by Third-Party Solutions

The campaign succeeded with an overall CPV of $2.09 as measured by Cuebiq. The CPV specifically for OTT/CTV was $13. Thanks to the success of OTT/CTV advertising and Addressable Geo-Fencing with foot traffic attribution, will continue to be the brand’s exclusive always-on addressable programmatic partner.

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