Case Study: National Family Entertainment Center Boosts Foot Traffic with Strategic OTT/CTV Partnership


There’s one thing all advertisers have in common: they want to be able to attribute an ROI to their ad spend. With that in mind, one of the fundamental challenges currently facing OTT/CTV advertisers is how to accurately measure the performance of an OTT/CTV campaign to determine if it actually had an impact. The good news is that we have answered this challenge with the release of’s OTT/CTV foot traffic attribution.

Now, advertisers can get granular insights into the effectiveness of their TV advertising at driving prospects and customers to physical locations. This is a powerful augmentation of our existing OTT/CTV targeting solution. clients are already reaping the benefits. Check out the case study below to see how a national brand with over 500 locations leveraged these new capabilities to measure, validate, and report on foot traffic attribution in their OTT/CTV advertising campaigns


Advertiser Overview


Trusted Partnership with Agency

After seven years of partnership between the agency and, they had established a trusted relationship. As part of one of the world’s largest agency holding groups, they understandably have high standards for technology and media partners. After all, their clients have considerable budgets and expectations for performance, attribution, verification, and streamlined reporting across their media buys.

When one of their brand advertisers was preparing to launch two simultaneous national campaigns totaling a $515,000 budget, the agency went to RFP and included against other DSPs and alongside other media partners. The brand had not worked with previously, but was particularly interested in their OTT/CTV advertising due to’s ability to measure foot traffic attribution.


High Standards for Verification and Reporting

The brand – a national family entertainment center and restaurant – was looking for a programmatic advertising partner to drive offline foot traffic to more than 500 physical locations. In order to have a single source of reporting across all of their media buys and to verify results, they were looking for a solution that would work with their third-party tracking partners: DCM for reporting, Cuebiq for foot traffic verification, and IAS for viewability tracking. They selected to take advantage of unmatched audience targeting capabilities, OTT/CTV attribution for foot traffic, granular and robust reporting capabilities, and the ability to work well with third-party measurement tools.


OTT/CTV with Foot Traffic Attribution

The team developed a strategy to utilize’s OTT/CTV solution with foot traffic attribution and Addressable Geo-Fencing, allowing them to target specific individual households and measure offline conversions. They also incorporated Keyword Contextual Search Retargeting in English and Spanish and Site Retargeting.

The two campaigns featured :15 second OTT/CTV video creative to reach users with immersive streaming content on large screens, as well as pre-roll video and display ads. The media plan also included two other media partners, allowing the advertiser to validate foot traffic attribution and compare performance across vendors via a single source of reporting.

Goal #1: Online Form Fills

The first of the brand’s campaigns was designed to encourage their target audience of moms with kids aged 2-10 to book birthday party packages online. Supported by Keyword Contextual Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting, their goal was to achieve a $90 Cost Per Action (CPA) based on online reservations.

Goal #2: In-Store Visits

Simultaneously, the entertainment center was running a new “All You Can Play” promotion and wanted to drive families in-store to take advantage of the offer with a goal of achieving a low Cost Per Visit (CPV). They used’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution to target individual households and then track online-to-offline conversions to the brand’s 500+ locations. curated custom address lists based on their target demographic of women aged 25-44 with kids aged 2-10 in English and Spanish, and also incorporated Site Retargeting.



As the campaigns developed over multiple weeks, performance continued to improve based on’s in-flight optimizations and machine learning. The CPA for online form fills decreased an average of 42% week-over-week for the first five weeks, while the CPV for foot traffic saw a 75% month-over-month improvement for the first two months.



Overall, the online form fills campaign exceeded the $90 CPA goal with a $59 CPA. The in-store visits promotion had a CPV of $3.44 as measured by Cuebiq. More importantly, DCM and Cuebiq validated these results and allowed the advertisers to compare’s performance to other partners. Not only did the campaigns exceed their goals, outperformed every other advertising partner for both online conversions and in-store foot traffic. will continue to be the brand’s exclusive partner for programmatic advertising thanks to the success of OTT/CTV and Addressable Geo-Fencing with foot traffic attribution.


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