Case Study: National Fast Food Chain Drives In-Store Traffic with Addressable OTT/CTV Advertising


Suppose you could combine OTT/CTV advertising, addressable programmatic, and foot traffic attribution. This would be an incredibly powerful combination of granular, precise targeting and the ability to measure ROI—all in the most dynamic medium in the programmatic industry. Well, now you can. And this client did.

Check out the case study below to see how a national fast-food chain leveraged the platform to increase foot traffic to 2,100 stores across 43 markets nationwide.


The Addressable OTT/CTV Opportunity

With OTT/CTV advertising revenue expected to grow 41% in 2019 from 2018 in the U.S. (Magna Global), big brands and national advertisers are jumping onboard in large numbers. Recently, a digital media agency in one of the world’s largest advertising agency networks was looking to expand their OTT/CTV advertising offering and improve performance. They were particularly interested in’s ability to target individual households at the address-level with OTT/CTV ads, and attribute in-store visits from targeted households. They also needed a partner that could work with their third-party reporting partner, Placed.


Drive Physical Foot Traffic at Low Cost Per Store Visit

The agency decided to utilize’s Addressable OTT/CTV solution to accomplish the goals of a national fast food chain client. The multi-location QSR brand would benefit greatly from scaling a national campaign to reach a localized audience and attribute in-store traffic to the campaign. The brand decided to allocate a $175,000 programmatic budget for OTT/CTV advertising with Their goal was to increase foot traffic to 2,100 stores across 43 markets nationwide.


Household-Level Targeting, the agency, and the brand developed a strategy to increase foot traffic into the fast food stores. First, provided custom-curated address lists of more than 425,000 households in the desired markets based on key demographic and interest-based criteria to reach families who were likely to dine at fast food restaurants. The brand was focused on targeting users who have families – as opposed to individuals – because they would spend more money per restaurant visit.

The lists were uploaded to the platform with a 97% match rate and technology used GPS data paired with plat lines to automatically match these addresses to the exact physical location, shape, and size of each household. The system then built a geo-fence targeting zone around each address to capture users for retargeting across all of the devices seen within each household. Next, the team built geo-fence conversion zones around each fast foot store to track the number of users who were in a targeted household, were served an ad, and then visited a store.


OTT/CTV Advertising with Foot Traffic Attribution

The campaign featured OTT/CTV video creative to reach users with immersive streaming content primarily on large screens. 95% of the budget was allocated to large screen OTT/CTV devices with the remaining 5% reaching OTT/CTV content on mobile and desktop. The :15 and :30 second ads featured five different food products, allowing the brand to compare performance across creative and for to optimize to the strongest ads. Additionally,’s domain-level reporting allowed the advertiser to gauge key performance metrics across top publishers such as HGTV, Food Network, Weather Channel, and much more.


Success Confirmed By Third-Party Measurement

The campaign ran for 10 weeks and succeeded with an overall Cost Per Store Visit of $0.74 as measured by Placed. Overall,’s Addressable OTT/CTV solution was able to deliver more than 237,000 store visits from targeted locations. Based on Placed reporting, this resulted in a 15:1 ROI. Additionally, the agency and brand were pleased with’s proprietary cross-device reporting, which offered greater transparency and granular reporting in real-time.

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