Case Study: National Jewelry Retailer Shifts Marketing Strategy to Drive Online Sales with



The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed consumer shopping habits and how businesses operate. As brands with a strong brick-and-mortar presence focused more on e-commerce, many shifted advertising strategies to drive online sales. A large, national jewelry company with a strong retail footprint and an e-commerce presence partnered with to do just that.

The jeweler chose as its programmatic partner due to’s unique behavioral targeting for OTT/CTV advertising, and the ability to accurately measure online conversions from OTT/CTV campaigns. The brand aimed to achieve a low Cost Per Action based on completed sales and other user actions, including chat widget interactions, email signups, and product page and shopping cart page visits. They also wanted to attribute an ROI to their advertising campaign using’s advanced online attribution tools combined with self-reported sales figures.



In order to maximize online sales, developed a comprehensive strategy utilizing behavioral OTT/CTV audience targeting. Bringing the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV devices, the team targeted users based on keywords searched, contextual content consumers read, sites visited, and more. The campaign showcased more than 70 different creatives featuring OTT/CTV content, pre-roll video ads, and display banners.

First, the team deployed site retargeting to recapture the attention of users who previously visited their website. served a variety of pre-roll video and banner ads to site visitors across their devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop. Additionally, when a customer made a purchase and triggered a conversion pixel,’s tag management system removed the user from the targeting audience. Daily updates to the opt-out audience ensured the brand would focus on new customers and avoid targeting a recent customer.

The brand then leveraged’s keyword search and contextual targeting tactics to serve OTT/CTV ads based on a user’s online behavior.’s cross-device matching pairs all of a user’s devices and uses the keywords that they search and the content that they read on their mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to target both large and small screen OTT/CTV devices. With’s keyword contextual targeting and search retargeting tactics, the brand implemented more than 3,000 keywords relating to designer jewelry, rings, necklaces, and more to target users who were actively researching jewelry online.’s unique ability to bid and report at the keyword level helped the team optimize mid-flight to higher performing keywords, therefore eliminating waste and maximizing performance.

In order to measure online conversions, set-up conversion pixels on the advertiser’s website to track customers who made an online purchase after being served an OTT/CTV ad.’s cross-device graph pairs a user with multiple devices, allowing the brand to measure online conversions from users who were served an OTT/CTV ad on any device and then made a purchase on a different device. The team also implemented additional conversion pixels to track users who interacted with a chat widget, entered an email, or took other actions.



The jeweler’s strategy demonstrated the power of targeting OTT/CTV devices based on online behavior.’s detailed reporting tracked key metrics, indicating a large increase in consumer behavior. Overall, the CPA across all user actions was $4.02 for the five-month campaign. After the first month of the campaign, chat widget interactions increased by 516%, email signups rose by 129%, and product page/shopping cart interactions grew 199% compared to metrics before the campaign.

Additionally, the campaign’s OTT/CTV Video Completion Rate was 95.2%. With’s advanced attribution methods, the jeweler recorded more than 1,750 online purchases from targeted users over the duration of the campaign. In just the first month, the brand’s total online sales increased by 77% compared to the previous month. They also estimated that the campaign drove $269,808 in sales, using a self-reported average purchase value of $154 per customer. The advertiser was so pleased with the results that they decided to renew even before the initial campaign ended.

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