Case Study: National Retailer Runs Premium OTT/CTV Campaign over Football’s Big Weekend with


Advertiser Overview
•  Run by a Georgia school system during the 2020 election
•  State lottery looking to build awareness for holiday scratch-off campaign
•  Sought to improve match rate for first-party address list targeting
•  Exclusively used OTT/CTV and pre-roll video ads
•  4 DaysCampaign Length
•  98.9% Video Completion Rate
•  $90,000 Spend
•  1.5 Million Unique User Reach
•  200+ DMAs


As more TV viewers adopt streaming services, advertisers are following. Even football’s Big Game – traditionally the largest day of the year for TV advertisers – saw streaming viewership rise 65% in 2021 over 2020 (MediaPost). One national retail brand recognized this opportunity to reach consumers via streaming devices and partnered with for a national four-day OTT/CTV advertising campaign over the Big Game weekend. In conjunction with their linear TV buys, they wanted to extend their audience and achieve incremental reach by targeting consumers who were unreachable via traditional TV formats.

The advertiser wanted to target sports enthusiasts by running video ads entirely on premium sports networks. While this was their first foray into OTT/CTV advertising with, the retailer had worked with for two years on programmatic display campaigns. They previously leveraged’s Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones technology to drive foot traffic to their 100+ retail stores across the country, targeting users who visited strategic locations such as competitor stores and RV shows and then tracking in-store conversions. They knew that they could rely on high-quality service, effective targeting, and in-depth reporting from, and were interested in trying a large-scale, content-driven OTT/CTV campaign.

In February 2021, they wanted to reach their target audience of outdoor enthusiasts who would be tuned in to the Big Game coverage. In order to get in front of as many viewers as possible over a four-day period, they enlisted to execute an OTT/CTV advertising campaign exclusively on content published by CBS Sports, ESPN, FOX Sports, and NFL Network. By running 30-second spots on large-screen streaming devices, the advertiser’s goal was to achieve a Video Completion Rate (VCR) of at least 95%. acted quickly and launched the campaign in less than 24 hours to go live immediately. From Friday to Monday, successfully delivered the entire $90,000 budget at a low $42 CPM on high-quality sports content. The campaign achieved a 98.9% VCR and reached more than 1.5 million users in over 200 DMAs across the United States, demonstrating the value in driving incremental reach on top of their linear TV buys.

Additionally,’s granular reporting meant that the advertiser could track performance by geo-location and domain to see the exact metros and publishers on which ads were served and which were driving the strongest results. The successful campaign proved’s ability to deliver premium OTT/CTV campaigns at the national level, and the brand will continue to work with for a variety of programmatic campaigns going forward.
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