Case Study: National Smoothie Franchise Increases Online Orders and Curbside Pickups with and Intrinsic Digital


Pivoting Strategy Amid COVID-19

During the COVID-19 era, many businesses have changed how they operate and advertise to consumers. In the food and beverage industry, demand for online orders and curbside pickup increased, while traditional consumer dining behavior shifted dramatically. Under these circumstances, a national smoothie chain turned to their agency, Intrinsic Digital, to adjust their advertising strategy quickly. The brand wanted to immediately shift their advertising approach to generate online orders and raise awareness for their new curbside pickup offering.

In order to quickly launch the campaign, Intrinsic Digital leveraged’s Client Success team, adjusting their regular self-service model to take advantage of’s managed service offering. The smoothie brand sought to drive business to 156 locations operating under their new curbside pickup model. Those locations spanned 6 states: Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, West Virginia, and Texas. The advertiser ran two simultaneous campaigns with distinct goals: (1) drive curbside store visits and (2) increase online orders via their website., Intrinsic Digital, and the advertiser developed a strategy to use Geo-Fencing with conversion zones to drive physical store visits, as well as Addressable Geo-Fencing and SiteRetargeting to increase online orders. The creative for both campaigns showcased two smoothie flavors and informed potential customers that they could easily “grab and go.”


Driving Curbside Pickups

In order to drive visits to local stores, set up Geo-Fence target zones around competitor locations to identify potential customers.’s managed service team drew over 1,200 custom Geo-Fences, including those around coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and other smoothie competitors. Next, the team drew 156 conversion zones around each individual store location, including curbside pick-up areas. This allowed the advertiser to track conversions of users who entered a geo-fence, saw an ad, and then entered one of the brand’s stores.


Tracking Online Orders

Intrinsic Digital also implemented Addressable Geo-Fencing to target individual households with the goal of increasing online orders. Using’s Addressable Audience Curation tool, the team custom-curated an addressable audience based on location data and by choosing from over 500 demographic variables in real-time within the UI. They decided to target customers aged 25-54 within a few miles of their locations, resulting in more than 945,000 households.

With this target audience,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution used GPS data paired with plat lines to match each address to the exact physical location, shape, and size of the property. The system then automatically built geo-fence target zones around each property for targeting the individual households, with the advertiser choosing to deliver exclusively on mobile devices.

The campaign also used Site Retargeting to encourage potential customers to make a purchase by targeting users who visited the brand’s website but didn’t place an order. For both the Addressable Geo-Fencing and Site Retargeting tactics, a conversion pixel placed on the website order form allowed the advertiser to track online orders from users who were served an ad.


Quick Set-Up Drives Immediate Results

With fast and flexible customer service, Intrinsic Digital and set-up the month-long campaign in just three days. By shifting their model to take advantage of’s managed service offering, Intrinsic Digital was able to quickly adjust the advertiser’s strategy and build a successful programmatic campaign. During the quick set-up,’s Client Success team built geo-fences around hundreds of locations, uploaded multiple creatives across various tactics, and placed conversion pixels to measure online orders. Additionally, separately tracked the results of each campaign for the 156 individual locations.

The advertiser was impressed with’s ability to rapidly implement a campaign and track measurable results. The Geo-Fencing campaign yielded 4,160 curbside visits across more than 150 locations in just 30 days. Additionally, the efforts to drive online orders resulted in 393 orders. Final campaign reporting showed curbside visits increased by an average of 25% week over week.

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