Case Study: Physical Therapy Chain Increases Foot Traffic with Addressable Programmatic from TEGNA and



A physical therapy chain in El Paso, TX wanted to promote its pain relief services, so it partnered with TEGNA Marketing Solutions and to access unique location-based advertising solutions. Its goal was to drive visits to nine of its offices and report on the overall cost per visit (CPV). TEGNA leveraged’s first-class addressable targeting solution and advanced attribution reporting to deliver and report on a large number of physical conversions at a low cost.


The physical therapy chain wanted to reach users with active lifestyles. Therefore, TEGNA took advantage of’s Addressable Audience Curation tool to build a custom audience of individual properties based on hundreds of demographic and location factors for address-level targeting.

TEGNA used’s platform to identify and then target 115,731 individual addresses in the El Paso DMA in real-time, including:

  1. Households with users who were 35+ years old and interested in aerobics, fitness, or healthy living.
  2. Hospitals and medical buildings.

The system automatically matched the exact physical locations of each property and drew target fences around them to capture users for retargeting. The team then drew Conversion Zones around the advertiser’s nine chosen locations to identify the number of users who visited one of the chain’s facilities after receiving an ad, thus helping TEGNA and the advertiser gauge ROI.

To complement the custom audience TEGNA created, the team also implemented Search Retargeting, Keyword Contextual, and Category Contextual tactics using 1,154 keywords and contexts related to athletic injuries, pain, orthopedics, and physical therapy.’s unique ability to bid and optimize on individual keywords meant that TEGNA could ensure that the campaign maximized its performance and minimized wasted impressions.


The fifteen-week campaign generated 323 visits to the physical therapy chain for a CPV of $2.82, thereby highlighting the benefits of partnering with TEGNA and to curate custom addressable audiences in real-time and target at the address-level. To further demonstrate the campaign’s success, TEGNA used’s proprietary Geo-Conversion Lift dashboard to identify a 130.92% surge in incremental visits to the nine physical therapy offices from the targeted addresses.

This dashboard calculated the surge in visits by comparing the conversion rate of natural converters—users who visited a Conversion Zone from a target fence without receiving an ad with the conversion rate of campaign converters—users who visited a target fence, received an ad, and then visited a Conversion Zone. The dashboard also tracked the average length of time it took natural converters and campaign converters to visit a Conversion Zone after visiting a target fence. It revealed that the campaign converters visited the advertiser more than three times faster than the natural converters, thus demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness at quickly delivering results.

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