Case Study: Regional Pizza Chain Shifts to Online Orders Amid COVID-19


In this uncertain time, is finding many ways to help our partners and advertisers shift their marketing strategies to align with the recent changes in consumer behavior. See how, alongside our agency partner, a national pizza restaurant chain was able to successfully pivot from a strategy of driving in-store foot traffic to focusing on online orders for carryout and delivery. Check out the case study below for more details.

Pivot from In-Store to Online Sales

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced advertisers of all shapes and sizes to adjust their strategies, particularly those that rely on physical foot traffic. Restaurants are among the many businesses that have been impacted due to these uncertain times, as they aim to quickly shift from in-store sales to online orders for carryout and delivery. This presents a challenge for advertisers who must completely change their targeting and conversion-tracking efforts on the fly.

One national pizza restaurant chain had experienced success in their geo-targeting strategies for more than two years with their marketing agency partner and However, with the mandate to move exclusively to delivery and take-out, they needed to immediately adjust their advertising campaigns in order to drive revenue. and the agency were able to quickly pivot to new tactics and strategies that successfully drove online sales.

Geo-Fencing to Behavioral Targeting

The brand agreed to shift all existing budgets to focus on online ordering due to’s ability to granularly reach their target audience with different targeting tactics., the agency, and the brand developed a strategy to shift from location-based targeting and foot traffic conversion tracking to web-based behavioral targeting and online conversions. This meant immediately swapping out creative, changing targeting tactics, adjusting optimization models, and implementing new conversion-tracking measures. The primary goal of the new campaign was to increase online sales of delivery and take-out orders from more than 200 stores. In order to accomplish this, and the agency implemented Keyword Search Retargeting, Keyword Contextual Targeting, and Site Retargeting. These solutions allowed the advertiser to reach users who were actively searching for and reading web content related to pizza, food delivery, takeout, and more relevant terms. Meanwhile, the agency and quickly swapped the campaign’s creative to focus on online ordering instead of finding a location.

Quick Actions Drive Immediate Results

The brand, the agency, and moved swiftly to adjust to the circumstances and immediately delivered results. After only one week, the new campaign drove more than 1,500 online orders at a low Cost Per Action of only $0.86. and the agency will continue to be the always-on partners for the pizza brand into the future.

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