Case Study: Threshold/Carve and Deliver Real Estate Advertising Success Using Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones


Apartment Building with College Students and a city in the background

When a marketing agency was looking to help real-estate advertisers promote and sell their properties, they knew they needed an effective and precise location-based targeting and attribution solution to get the job done. With’s Geo-Fencing technology suite, Threshold/Carve was able to combine the targeting powers of Geo-Fencing with the ability to accurately track online-to-offline conversions, all while driving ROI for their clients.

Check out the case study below to see how was a perfect fit for helping the agency’s clients grow revenue and gain new business.



Real estate advertisers have long turned to marketing agency Threshold/Carve to help promote properties, sell out residences, and fill vacancies. With a proven track record as real estate industry experts, the agency takes a unique approach to finding prospective renters/buyers, nurturing leads, and driving conversions. From developing comprehensive targeting strategies to delivering beautiful creative and using the right tools to effectively execute, Threshold/Carve is on the cutting edge when it comes to helping multi-family, student, and senior housing communities achieve their goals.

So when they learned about Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones from, it made perfect sense for Threshold/Carve to adopt the latest and greatest location-based advertising technology. After all, wouldn’t an apartment complex that caters to college students want to specifically target people who visited the nearby university? Couldn’t a senior living community benefit from serving ads to people who visited the local senior center? Wouldn’t they all like to measure the impact that online advertising had on physical foot traffic to their location?

In fact, real estate advertisers find great value in being able to target a relevant audience based on the places that people go in their everyday life and then measuring the number of those targeted individuals who visit their property. And by partnering with, Threshold/Carve has been able to do just that, resulting in improved marketing performance for their clients, revenue growth from their existing customers, and new real estate advertisers.



The partnership between Threshold/Carve and began in May 2017 after the agency learned about’s new Geo-Fencing solution. Beginning with just a few real estate properties, the partnership has grown alongside impressive results for their advertisers.

With’s Geo-Fencing technology, Threshold/Carve is able to build custom-shaped geo-fence target zones around locations with high percentages of their client’s target audience. For example, a student-housing complex can build a target zone around the nearby university’s dorm rooms, popular restaurants, and competitor complexes. Then, they can draw a conversion zone around their own property to track the number of users who entered a targeted location, were delivered an ad, and then visited the advertiser’s site.

The Threshold/Carve team owns daily management of the dozens of active campaigns via’s self-service platform, with providing backend support, reporting insights, and strategic guidance.



Over the course of a year and a half, Threshold/Carve and have delivered quality results together for their real estate advertisers. With active campaigns for approximately 90 real estate properties and nearly 2,500 distinct geo-fences, the partnership has helped drive traffic to their client’s physical real estate properties.

Measured by’s Geo-Conversion Lift metrics, advertisers with Threshold/Carve and have seen an average 156% surge in incremental visits from the targeted locations. This increase reflects the percentage difference between users who visited a conversion zone after being delivered an ad and those who naturally visited a conversion zone without being delivered an ad, after being seen in a target zone.

This lift in foot traffic from targeted locations indicates increased foot traffic to the advertisers’ locations driven by the campaigns. The 156% Geo-Conversion Lift is based on an average .85% Campaign Conversion Rate, which represents the percentage of users who were detected in a target zone, were then served an ad, and then were detected in a conversion zone for the same campaign.

As Threshold/Carve saw more and more conversions, advertisers continue to renew and expand their campaigns, with new property groups coming on board as well. In fact, total advertising spend grew 155% year to date.90 Real EstateProperties | 2,500 Distinct Geo-fences | 156% Surge In IncrementalVisits From TargetedLocations | .85% Campaign Conversion Rate | 155% Growth in Ad Spend


  • Geo-Fencing solution to target granular audiences based on their geographic location using
    custom-shaped targeting fences with pinpoint precision.

  • Conversion Zones to measure online-to-offline conversions.
  • Variable recency from instant to 30 days later to serve ads in a relevant timeframe for when
    real estate shoppers commonly make buying/renting decisions.

  • A robust and user-friendly self-serve platform with full API.
  • In-depth reporting to show success to the end advertisers including Geo-Conversion Lift.
  • Responsive and proactive customer service with replies in less than 24 hours.