Client Services in Retargeting


Today is day two of’s National Sales Summit, the day kicks off with our VP of Client Services, Liz speaking. The goal of today is to get sales and client services (CS) on the same page completely for the coming new year.  That’s the key to providing clients the best possible experience. Retargeting is a fairly new space and there is always much to be learned – passing this knowledge onto clients is what ensures long term relationships.Liz

Display advertising lives in a digital world – everything happens fast, information is at people’s fingertips. Thus, the importance of responding promptly to clients is of the utmost importance – if clients can’t receive timely responses and answers from you they will go somewhere else. Aside from prompt responses, what makes our client services team the best? Transparency.  Few in our space offer such deep transparency. Transparency into spend and all costs, performance, keywords, domains, data and so on.

Setting clients up for success may seem like common sense – but the importance of it is often overlooked. Full control campaigns perform the best plain and simple.

Those are campaigns:

  • With favorable attribution – click & view through conversion attributon
  • Keyword control –  specifically the ability to increase and decrease individual keyword bids, the freedom to add & remove keywords
  • Recency
  • Tactical control
  • Where clients offer access to their own reporting to compare data offers both self-service and managed service options. Self-service is best suited to those looking to utilize’s unique platform & technology stack, managed service offers the same access to’s technology and user interface but comes with unlimited support from our stellar CS team of experts for all client’s needs.

Moving ahead – in 2013 we plan to double our client services team. The goal of doing so is to stay on track with our growth as a company – but also to provide the best customer service. Having more than enough CS team members to handle client concerns is the key to satisfaction – giving each client the time and individual attention they need is crucial.