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Here at, we’re built to handle political advertising. In our exclusive guide, we further explain our industry-leading solution for political advertisers. Our 90%+ match rate and single-day turnaround times help lead the way. We add further value with unrivaled political advertising reporting for every campaign.

PAIR SIMPLI.FI’S 90%+ MATCH RATE & CROSS-CHANNEL MEDIA CAPABILITIES WITH CUSTOM REPORTING’s data onboarding solution solves scale issues for political advertisers. With our 90%+ match rate, we reach more of your address lists at the household level. Paired with cross-channel capabilities, we serve ads to every screen in the home. And we do so with every major programmatic ad type: CTV, display, video, mobile, audio, and native.

Political advertisers benefit when they pair the above solutions with our unrivaled reporting.’s political advertising reporting solution offers key insights into performance. Our custom reporting lets political advertisers tell us what’s most important to them. Our political campaign experts tailor reporting to your specific needs.

We help our partners understand what’s working versus what’s not. With our 90%+ match rate, we can hit the right people from the get-go. Then, our performance mindset helps us know what’s working midflight and make optimizations along the way. This agile approach drives stronger performance with more of your address list.


We support a variety of goals ranging from reach to granular conversion reporting. This provides political advertisers the ability to perform at scale. For more detailed reporting, we offer online and offline attribution capabilities. These models help tell a powerful story of how campaigns impact real-world behaviors.

With our online attribution capabilities, track registrations, donations, sign-ups, and other web-based actions. You can also use Transaction Value Reporting to associate dollar values with online actions. In other words, attribute fundraising dollars and donations tied back to your digital advertising efforts. These metrics, among others, help explain online performance for every political ad campaign.

Additionally, measure the impact of your ads with foot traffic measurement. Track physical visit metrics from CTV, display, video, mobile, audio, and native efforts. Our offline attribution correlates foot traffic with ad viewership in real-time. This allows advertisers to track in-person events, such as polling locations, town halls, rallies, and more.



With custom dashboards and powerful insights, lets the data tell the story. Our team of political campaign experts extracts meaning from these insights. They help make sense of each campaign’s performance. And their expedited service times make all this possible with a quick turnaround.

Our political service team provides scale, precision, and agility based on your needs. With expedited response times, we can turn around a high volume of tasks in a small manner of time. Powered by our data onboarding solution, we take address lists from upload to activation in 24 hours or less. Come experience best-in-class service with our dedicated political service team.

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