Why Our Culture Improves Your Service


Today Simpli.fi is a thriving company that continues to win awards and grow in terms of technology, talented staff and clients focused on localized programmatic. But, when the company first started, we were a very small business. And, while we knew that our unstructured data approach to programmatic would land us exactly where we are today – booming – we didn’t know that some of the cultural components we put in place out of necessity would become tenants of how we run our business and serve our clients.

It turns out that having an open culture, a focus on servant leadership, and building continuing education into our daily work has not only helped us grow, but are our building blocks for creating a best-in-class service organization. How? Let’s take a look:

Open Culture

Yes, we have an open door policy and encourage questions. But our commitment to an open culture goes deeper and is actually critical to the way we serve our clients. When Simpli.fi started, our approach of using unstructured data to get truly granular in our search or site retargeting solutions (among others) was unheard of, even for us internally. That means we worked within a constant stream of questions from our clients and amongst ourselves. We had to educate ourselves and work together to find answers and put processes in place. Today that translates to – yes, grabbing executives as needed, but also encouraging our staff to host impromptu brainstorm sessions, collaborate on how to address a particular situation, and ask new employees to design processes that staff with a longer tenure might look past.

Servant Leadership

From the very beginning, our co-founder and CEO, Frost Prioleau, has led from a position of, “what can I do to help you? How can I remove roadblocks for you?” In a fast-growing industry with new team members joining nearly daily, this approach kept our team focused on their job and helping others. This mindset of serving others – while initially meant to assist us internally – really set the tone for how we work with our clients. We actively meet our clients where they are on the digital advertising scale – advanced, intermediate or really just beginning. Our Client Success (CS) team approaches their daily tasks with the mindset that they are going to help clients, solve problems and clear the path of any challenges so our clients achieve the best results possible with their localized programmatic campaigns.

Continuing Education

We figured out very early on that digital advertising is a fast-pace, ever-changing industry. The only way we could help our clients achieve their goals was to ensure we were the experts, and use our knowledge to set up and optimize their campaigns. And since the industry continues to evolve and innovate, it’s imperative that we continue to learn. From mentoring programs to employee development to themed education weeks, we put a premium on educating our service team so we can always help our clients over any hurdle they face.

This is an exciting time in Simpli.fi’s history as we move boldly into advanced mobile solution offerings and other innovative services. We know that we’ll continue to find success because the service cornerstones we put in place at the beginning are priorities for how we’ll move forward.