Display Advertising, Why’d You Have To Go & Make Things So Complicated


I am sure you have heard the expression “the only constant in life is change”.  If you make a living buying, selling and evaluating online display advertising then you understand this all too well.

The days when companies in the ad tech industry fit into simple-to-define silos seem to be behind us. Company capabilities continue to expand through innovation and acquisition while sales teams advocating their value multiply.  The end result is that those individuals left trying to make the best decisions about their display budgets are genuinely more confused than ever.

The lines are far less blurry for those of us who have been working within the ecosystem for years.

One glance at the most recent DISPLAY LUMAscape gives you a fair grasp of the playing field.  However, brand and agency media buying professionals on the front lines genuinely seem to struggle with how all of the moving pieces fit together.

This brief article is a display media buying Festivus for the rest of us.

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