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State of Localized Programmatic CityscapeLocalized advertising, once overlooked by national advertisers, is now a valuable part of any marketer’s strategy. While historically advertisers focused most of their spend on national campaigns, today however there is a growing need to make advertising more personal… more localized. Advertisers at-large are evaluating how they most effectively identify, reach, and deliver the right message to customers in the cities and locations where they live and play and as a result, they are adjusting their marketing spend.

BIA/Kelsey forecasts that national brands will spend $62.7 billion to reach local consumers this year.

The numbers tell the story. BIA/Kelsey forecasts that national brands will spend $62.7 billion to reach local consumers this year. That’s a $600 million increase compared to what national brands spent locally in 2018. Plus multi-location brands are spending 25% of their budgets on location-based marketing and more than 50% are using location data to target customers, representing billions of dollars, according to a survey of 500 marketers by the Local Search Association. Advertisers are getting more comfortable with adding location data into their marketing mix and we expect the growth numbers to continue the upward trajectory.

The rise of mobile usage and the advancements in location data have increasingly come to define localized digital advertising. This explosive trend has made localization essential for advertisers to take maximum advantage of the massive opportunity that exists within programmatic. has revolutionized this concept with the introduction of localized programmatic—the delivery of ads based on the local knowledge, preferences, nomenclature, and buying habits of the target audience.

In its inaugural State of Localized Programmatic report,, the original pioneer of localized programmatic, aims to unpack the factors influencing this shift toward localization, including a look at the current state of localized programmatic, key drivers of growth, and reasons for advertisers to consider localizing their strategy.

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