Download: The Franchise Marketers Playbook for Localized Programmatic


Franchise marketers are in a unique and somewhat unenviable position: How do you balance national branding and messaging with locally scaled marketing efforts? We believe the answer lies in localized programmatic, a digital advertising solution that utilizes geo-location and other targeting tactics to create dynamic audiences and optimize campaigns, messaging and creative on the local level.

To help franchise marketers better understand exactly what localized programmatic is and how it can help increase their bottom line, we created this Franchise Marketers Playbook, a 10-page resource exploring digital advertising tactics and solutions specific to the franchise industry. Complete with relevant case studies, statistics, best practices, and more, this playbook is designed to help franchise marketers achieve their ultimate goal: generate revenue and grow the business.

While most digital targeting platforms are segment-based and built for national buys,’s localized programmatic solutions utilize unstructured data to build audiences with a granular level of detail. This allows businesses to serve ads to the exact individual most likely to make a purchase while employing cutting-edge advancements in mobile, geo-fencing, variable recency, and more. Couple that with an unprecedented level of transparency and flexibility, and you have the ultimate marketing strategy for franchises.

In today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive marketplace, franchise marketers can ill afford to operate in a silo. A localized programmatic solution that employs a variety of tactics and operates across multiple digital channels has therefore become an essential tool in any marketing toolkit, as this playbook explains in detail.

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