Download:’s Programmatic Glossary


If you’re new to programmatic, the industry can be somewhat confusing. To start with, there is a dizzying array of terms and definitions to keep straight (and acronyms, lots of acronyms). Let us assure you that if you’re feeling somewhat lost when it comes to the programmatic eco-system, you are far from alone. In fact, research conducted by eMarketer in 2018 found that 60% of marketing agencies couldn’t even agree on a consensus definition for programmatic advertising.

Never fear. has stepped in to fill the gap and created a comprehensive Programmatic Glossary that defines the key terms and technologies surrounding programmatic advertising. Along with these clear, in-depth definitions, the glossary is cross-indexed to help you put together the various pieces and see the big picture of what programmatic is and how it works.’s Programmatic Glossary aims to unpack useful definitions and acronyms that would be beneficial for someone that is new to the programmatic space. Think of it as a “101” intro course and tool that will provide you and your team with a solid programmatic foundation.

Ultimately, we hope the Programmatic Glossary will help equip you to better navigate the programmatic space and more effectively utilize programmatic advertising in your digital marketing campaigns.

Access the full Programmatic Glossary below, and always feel free to reach out to us at

This link has been updated with the most recent version of the Programmatic Glossary as of Jan. 13, 2021.