Download: The Political Marketers’ Playbook for Localized Programmatic


The 2018 mid-term election season is expected to see $8.5 billion in political ad spend. The question is, how much of it will be spent effectively?

Traditional mass advertising (TV buy, direct mail, radio, etc.) is on the decline, both in terms of usage and effectiveness. Broadcast television ad spend is down 18% in total ad spend from 2014. As political marketers attempt to keep pace with a digital world, the political climate is constantly changing and evolving in real time. Traditional forms of advertising simply won’t cut it any more. Any doubters need to look back to 2008 and 2012 when a tech-savvy Obama campaign won decisive victories by utilizing the power of digital advertising.

Digital ads will account for $1.8 billion of the total ad spend in 2018—that’s a 22% share. And one way or another, most of these dollars will be spent at the local level. As a political marketer, do you have the technology in place to successfully leverage digital advertising that harnesses the power of local?

In the words of Congressman Tip O’Neill, “All politics is local.” We believe political marketers have a largely untapped opportunity – localized programmatic. A strategy must be in place to deliver intentional, customized messaging to the right local audiences. Quite simply, localization matters. The right localized programmatic strategy will results in a significantly higher ROI for your political campaign and less wasted impressions.

Based on insights from thousands of political accounts and active political campaigns on the platform, we have put together a playbook that explains in detail how’s localized programmatic solution can help political marketers win campaigns in 2018, and deliver on the following goals:

With these goals in mind, you’ll learn how to layer in a variety of targeting tactics to create an effective and unique localized programmatic strategy that successfully reaches voters at the right time and place with digital advertising that will make a difference and drive more voters to the polls. We’ll also look at how our Conversion Zone technology and Geo-Conversion Lift Dashboard help you measure and quantify the impact and performance of your ad campaigns. Lastly, the playbook will move from ideas to actions and provide you with a Case Study for a recent political campaign that came out on top in a hotly contested election by employing the transformative power of localized programmatic.

Access the full playbook below, and please feel free to reach out to us at for more information.