Eagle-Eyed Marketing: Localized Advertisers Capitalize on Philadelphia Eagles Parade with Event Targeting


As big as the Philadelphia Eagles’ recent championship win was, the team’s victory parade in its hometown was even bigger — at least when it comes to attendance. A sea of Eagles faithful took to the streets in the City of Brotherly Love to celebrate the franchise’s first title, as hundreds of thousands of energized fans with a common interest gathered in the same place at the same time. It was the stuff of marketers’ dreams.

So one of Simpli.fi’s clients, a business close to the parade, smartly seized the opportunity to capitalize on this event with our cutting-edge event targeting solution. What exactly is event targeting? Broadly, it’s Simpli.fi’s temporal geo-targeting technology that allows marketers to build and target a tailor-made audience based on a specific event location and time frame. And by using customizable event targeting geo-fences strategically placed along the team’s parade route, this particular client was able to capture a mobile-friendly audience of local sports fans to whom they can advertise at a later date.

Major events with large crowds of people who share a common interest happen every day. Sporting events, music festivals, political conventions, trade shows — all are picture-perfect targeting opportunities for marketers to build a custom audience chock-full of their ideal consumers. Marketers of all kinds would be wise to take advantage by first identifying the events that best align with their marketing goals, then employing a localized programmatic platform like Simpli.fi to build a custom, portable audience based on their visit to a specific event during a set, scheduled time frame.

Here are just a few of the advantages of Simpli.fi’s event targeting solutions.

Build Custom Audiences of Likeminded Individuals

Using event targeting, our client in Philadelphia had the ability to build a custom audience of individuals who were both devout Eagles fans and, in this specific case, were also attending an event in close proximity to their business — vital insight into the intent of potential customers who can be targeted following the event. Advertisers can also use event targeting to reach likeminded individuals at relevant events located in other cities, outside of where the advertiser’s business is located.

Here’s how it works: When a mobile device enters the event targeting geo-fence during the set time frame, it becomes part of a custom audience that can be targeted after the event, when enthusiasm is as high as the city skyline. For example, in the case of our Philly-based client, they can deliver ads to fired-up Eagles fans in the area, inviting them back to visit their brick-and-mortar location for special offers on merchandise related to the Eagles, their favorite sports team.

And because Simpli.fi uses unstructured data, this gives advertisers the added benefit of having timestamps and location data at their disposal. This means that our clients have more power to customize audiences with recency and proximity in mind.

Precisely Target Locations Using Custom-Shaped Geo-Fences

The Simpli.fi platform is unique in that it gives advertisers the ability to draw custom-shaped geo-fences, as opposed to just squares or other fixed figures. This permits advertisers, including our client in Philadelphia, to pinpoint the boundaries of a specific event location, thereby allowing them to more precisely target their desired audience. The Eagles’ parade route wasn’t a fixed shape; why should the geo-fence be?

Had our client in Philadelphia been limited to a square, a rectangle, a radius, or even some sort of rhombus, people who were just hanging out in a nearby office building or hotel would have been included in the captured audience — meaning ineffective ad impressions and, more importantly, wasted dollars. Every event is unique in its own way, and so are the boundaries that encircle it. This is true of concerts, trade shows, fairs — any event where an advertiser’s prospective buyers could potentially gather.

Optimize Custom Audiences with Specified Time Frames

With event targeting, Simpli.fi offers the ability to build a custom audience during a set, scheduled time frame, thereby narrowing the base of users to include only those who were on the premises during the actual event. To become part of a custom audience to be targeted after the event, an individual must enter the fenced location during the established window.

For our Philadelphia client, it was imperative that their customized audience include actual Eagles fans — and not the people setting up the parade earlier in the day, or those brave enough to drive through the aftermath. After all, those people could be Cowboys fans; talk about wasted impressions.

With the rapid advances in GPS technology, having a mobile, location-based advertising strategy has never been more critical. Whether your audience is a boisterous bunch of Eagles fans, an enthusiastic crop of hip-hop concertgoers, or a studious gathering of industry experts, our event targeting solution offers unmatched precision and scale. It’s the most reliable and effective way to build a dynamic audience and target those users with mobile display ads at a later date — an essential tool in any marketing toolbox.

For more information about our event targeting solutions, shoot us an email at hi@simpli.fi.