Entrepreneur Magazine Honors Simpli.fi: A Best Entrepreneurial Company in America


What are the defining characteristics of an organization that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit? According to Entrepreneur magazine, successful companies are impactful, deliver innovation, secure growth and have fantastic leadership.

Today we’re elated to announce that Entrepreneur magazine has ranked Simpli.fi No. 21 out of 360 in their list of the best entrepreneurial companies in America!

The Entrepreneur 360 list highlights private companies across the country that “are mastering the art and science of growing a business.” Companies are evaluated based on the four factors mentioned previously: impact, innovation, growth, and leadership.

Here at Simpli.fi, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. We’ve built a strong business serving the largest buyers of localized advertising — including multilocation brands, agencies, local media groups, and trading desks — and believe that we’re well-positioned for continued success in a rapidly growing industry.

Localized Programmatic since 2010

Frost Prioleau and Paul Harrison co-founded Simpli.fi in 2010 because they saw a gap in the market. Most DSPs excel at broad, nationally targeted campaigns and can overlook local preferences and buying habits — which vary significantly from city-to-city and even between individuals. So, we built a unique programmatic technology that provides the most granular level of audience targeting in the market.

In the quest for more effective ways to reach their most ideal customer at the right time and place, national brands are shifting their focus toward localized programmatic advertising. Local is now big business; according to BIA/Kelsey, local spend will increase by over $17 billion before 2020. And with mobile-based impressions and clicks firmly rooted as the primary growth drivers for digital advertising, location data is an increasingly valuable asset.

Location data not only provides another layer of intent-based information for targeting purposes, it also provides the connecting link for measuring the impact of online ads to in-store visits — or in other words, online-to-offline attribution.

Innovation in a Rapid-Paced Industry

Simpli.fi’s unique approach to programmatic media is resonating in the market. Since our founding, we’ve grown at an annual rate of 50%, currently have over 90,000 daily live campaigns running on our platform, and honestly believe we have the best clients and team in the industry.

In an industry that moves at such a fast pace, the entrepreneurial spirit also drives our product forward. We’re constantly and strategically developing new solutions that meet the needs of marketers who seek to localize and personalize their campaigns.

In the last year alone, Simpli.fi has introduced several innovative solutions — including Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto, the industry’s only upper funnel solution that requires no site visit or inventory integration, and Geo-Conversion Lift, a proven way to measure the increase in foot traffic to a desired location by users who were served ads.

It’s a tremendous honor to be named to this notable list. Thank you, Entrepreneur, and congratulations to everyone at Simpli.fi!