Did you maximize the advertising opportunity during this year’s NBA Finals? And we’re not talking about spending millions on a TV ad or a sponsorship, but rather the cost-effective opportunity to reach a dynamic audience of users who are actively expressing interest in basketball through their online behavior or the locations they visit?

Although there was speculation as to if Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a true “sellout,” all games in the series reportedly reached max capacity of over 19,596 at Golden State Warrior’s Oracle Arena and 20,562 at Cleveland Cavalier’s Quicken Loans Arena. As with any large event, this resulted in an abundance of mobile location data that marketers can tap into.

The NBA Finals was a perfect use case to put our Event Targeting technology to work. We drew custom geo-fences around both arenas in order to capture an audience and track mobile behavior during the games.

Our analysis of the data found that the number of mobile users were high and increased throughout the four-game sweep series:

  • Although the number of mobile users only increased slightly (1.82%) during Game 2 as compared to during Game 1, there was a significant increase in mobile users during game time play in the latter half of the series, resulting in an 84.95% increase during Game 3 as compared to Game 2, and a 30.04% increase during Game 4 as compared to Game 3.
  • Additionally, as the series progressed, we noticed an uptick in mobile users within the arenas during pre-game hours as fans arrived early in anticipation for the next big game to tip-off.

  • With this being the first time since 2007 that a team was swept in the NBA Finals, it comes as no surprise that the number of mobile users during game time reached its highest on the last and final game (144.89% increase) as compared to
    Game 1.

These spike can likely be attributed to increased activity on mobile devices before and during the games as the hype of the 2018 NBA Finals built – snapping pictures, posting/sharing on favorite apps, etc. – many of which capture and share location data in order to provide the user with a more relevant experience.

Simpli.fi’s precise and scalable Event Targeting solution is available for marketers of all sizes to build a dynamic mobile audience based on a specific location and time frame and reach them with targeted ads instantly or up to 30 days after the event.

If you missed out on the NBA Playoffs and Finals, we’ve got your back! The coming months are full of opportunities to reach your ideal target market. The World cup finals are at the beginning of July and College Football is right around the corner, 71 days to be exact. Not to mention the World Series in the fall. All are the perfect opportunity to get in front of an ideal audience. Rather than shelling out large budgets to get in front of fans on TV, companies of all sizes are partnering with Simpli.fi to leverage mobile location data in order to target fans across devices and at certain locations.

The NBA Finals may have come and gone, but the opportunity to put Event Targeting to the test for your business is happing right now. Let’s talk! Reach out to your Simpli.fi Account Rep or email us at hi@simpli.fi to learn more.