Exclusive Download: Performance Marketing—Driving Metrics That Matter


Building brand awareness has long been the primary goal for traditional advertisers, which means delivering as many impressions as possible and hoping that they drive conversions. But increasingly, companies are shifting focus to ROI and ROAS in order to truly understand the impact of advertising on the bottom line. Now more than ever, advertisers need the right performance marketing tools to attribute conversions and ensure that every dollar counts.

Using programmatic advertising, marketers can pair precise targeting with real-time analytics to measure the conversions generated from their ads. By doing so, marketers can not only showcase how their ads impact the bottom line, but also optimize campaigns to increase performance.

With over 56,800 advertisers on the Simpli.fi platform, running 390,000 campaigns from January through September of 2021, we wanted to see how advertisers are driving programmatic performance. What targeting tactics are advertisers implementing to reach their customers? What are the most effective targeting tactics that are driving conversions across various industries? Which industries are seeing the best campaign performance? To answer these questions and more, we took a look into the data and trends on the Simpli.fi platform to understand how advertisers are using performance marketing to generate leads and measure ROI.

Download the full report to see how advertisers are tapping into performance marketing, how Simpli.fi’s attribution capabilities measure ROI and gauge campaign performance, and industry-level data to give you an in-depth look at how advertisers in various industries are using Simpli.fi’s targeting tactics to reach consumers and drive performance. Insights in the report include:

  • How advertisers are reaching consumers and driving performance with Simpli.fi targeting tactics like Addressable Geo-Fencing, Site Retargeting, Geo-Fencing, Keyword Search Retargeting, and more.
  • Data on which targeting tactics are driving the most conversions and how advertisers are tapping into Transaction Value Reporting to Measure ROAS.
  • Industry-level data on how advertisers in various industries are using Simpli.fi targeting tactics to drive performance. Industries covered include Healthcare, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Real Estate, and more.
  • Predictions on how advertisers will invest in performance marketing in the remaining months of 2021.
  • And much more.

Drive conversions and attribute ROAS to your marketing campaigns.
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