My Experience as an Intern at

10/10/2017 Interns
Written by Jack Sperco, Senior Account Manager

My internship on’s Client Success team started in 2013, the spring of my Sophomore year at TCU. I wanted to experience what it was like to work in the field of advertising – specifically in an industry like digital and programmatic media.

Like most anyone on their first day at a new job, I nervously walked in, not really knowing what to expect. Today has over 200 employees but when I started as an intern, the company was a start-up of thirty people with a make-shift office of foldable plastic desks. However, there wasn’t time for me to wonder where I was, there was work to do and they needed me to help.

It was immediately apparent that the employees are the most important aspect of The culture was defined by hard work, a freedom to create, surrounded by an extremely fun environment. As an intern, I was treated no different than a full-time employee and my tasks resembled the same. If I saw an area that needed improving, there was no one stopping me from creating a solution.

During my internship, taught me some amazing work and life skills that I have carried through to my post-grad life:

Teamwork: One of the biggest takeaways I had from my internship was how crucial a team really is. In the fast-paced world of Client Success, specifically in the ad-tech industry, you rely heavily on the knowledge of your team. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing between team members quickly became an everyday norm. Everyone from the executives to the new hires knows just how important it is to contribute to the team.

Drawing from Experience: At, you aren’t judged if you make a mistake. In the world of Client Success, it’s bound to happen to everyone. Here, it’s more important to learn from your past experiences and apply those lessons to your future success.

Communication-First Approach: One of the best things about working at is that every employee is able to truly understand the company’s vision because its shared directly from the executive team. We are consistently updated on what the company’s goals are and where the leadership team believes we are headed. With this knowledge, it is easy to tailor your work to meet the needs of the company. Often my first words of advice to a new hire or intern are to do everything with a mindset of “how does this project or idea support the company’s goals” and in turn you will find personal success.

After two great years as an intern at, I accepted a full-time position upon graduation. has grown from thirty employees to 200+ during my four-year tenure, and I have experienced many positive changes during my time at the company. From exciting advancements in our technology to new office space, I have seen grow from a start-up to the leading provider of localized programmatic in our space.

In years full of change, the one thing that has stayed the same is the dedication has to their employees. I would recommend to anyone interested in the digital advertising space. You’ll succeed here if you’re eager to learn and want to be part of a fun, creative and innovative team. is currently accepting applications for Client Success internships for the Spring 2018 season. If sounds like the place for you, consider applying today! Learn more about internship opportunities.