Facebook Exchange Gains More Search Support to Help Brands – Simpli.fi Ad Targeting


Facebook continues to build out its list of partners supporting its ad exchange. Simpli.fi will become one of the next to announce its agreement. It will bring 3,000 campaigns to Facebook Exchange (FBX) next week. The company has been testing the system with brands on the social site for about a month.Simpli.fi CEO Frost Prioleau

Facebook’s list of companies that have successfully integrated technology and launched on the Facebook Exchange (FBX) platform, the company’s real-time bidding (RTB) system, ranges from Adroll to Criteo to DataXu to Triggit to Turn and Xaxis.

Frost Prioleau, Simpli.fi co-founder and CEO, said the deals represent another step, making it more compelling for search marketers to jump into programmatic display, a tactic that many might not know a whole lot about. Search marketers who are already doing social should be very comfortable with this offering, but others might have a learning curve.

“For the industry, the combination of true keyword-level search retargeting and FBX inventory will accelerate blurring the lines between search and display,” Prioleau said. “Now search marketers, and other online marketers, can target users based on search intent across a vast new pool of brand safe FBX inventory. This is especially helpful for high-value, low-supply keywords, such as ‘car insurance’.”

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