Facebook Exchange – Leverage User-Specific Data


Facebook recently announced the launch of its Search Graph Tool, which will allow users to search for information within Facebook as if they were on, say, Google, for ecample. Analysts and investors were intrigued by this announcement as it signaled a direct challenge to Google’s search dominance.

But perhaps more importantly is the underlying strategy behind the technology: the idea that Facebook is now finally making their mountains of accumulated data accessible to users. The logic is that people will be more inclined to trust recommendations made by Facebook friends versus Google’s search algorithm. It’s like asking a friend for a restaurant recommendation versus performing a Google search for one in your area. The recommendations come with credibility. Credibility over an anonymous review or rating site because you know who the review/recommendation is coming from and can therefore diagnose the level of validity to their recommendation. facebook exchange

The concept of allowing their accumulated data to be accessible is also behind the new Facebook Exchange, which accumulates pools of target audiences that advertisers can reach instantly through automated buying systems, thereby providing access to unique audiences on Facebook. As a demand side platform (DSP), Simpli.fi is a proud partner of the Facebook Exchange, and as a result, we provide our clients with unparalleled advertising reach across this network. Moving the power of search to social in a new way.

For example, let’s say you are a car rental agency. Working through Simpli.fi, you can place an ad on Facebook for a discounted rental car rate out of San Francisco that specifically targets users who searched for rental cars in San Francisco on a search engine but didn’t actually make a reservation. Plus you can : target using your own 1st party data or utilize our own data network to target millions of users across the web for expanded reach. Get superior CPA/CPC/CTR performance & deeper insights into converting audiences with our platform combined with Facebook Exchange.

The possibilities are endless and available to our clients. Contact us to find out more.