The Key to Effective Franchise Marketing? Think Locally.


Franchise advertising isn’t like other advertising. While there are advantages to having nationwide branding and name recognition, those who oversee the marketing strategy for a franchised multilocation brand face a unique set of challenges not typically encountered in other industries — particularly when it comes to localizing their marketing efforts.

Generally, the corporate office’s marketing objectives focus on brand awareness, while the local franchise owner’s concern is running their business and getting paying customers through the door. These are very different, albeit intertwined, initiatives, often resulting in a delicate dance between corporate agendas and local marketing efforts. The solution is a strategy that can be effective for the local franchisee, while providing the necessary metrics and insight to the corporate marketing teams. By localizing audiences, messaging, and budgets in real time, national franchised brands can unlock the full potential of each individual location with programmatic advertising.

Here are some of the specific needs franchise marketers often face, and how a localized programmatic solution can fill them.

The Need: Ability to scale at the individual franchise level while increasing brand awareness.
The Solution: When a franchise’s marketing is managed solely by the corporate office, the company can find it difficult to scale marketing across locations and achieve local nuance. The other side of that coin — a franchise having complete autonomy, also known as the “federal and state” approach — can be equally problematic because it results in scattershot advertising efforts.

The ideal scenario is therefore the approved-vendor methodology, in which the power and recognition behind the brand is leveraged nationally, but in a way that gives the local franchisee customized options built specifically for the brand and the ability to choose what works best for their market. The corporate marketer also benefits in this scenario by seeing performance trends across all locations, so it’s a win-win across the board.’s localized programmatic platform helps franchise marketers achieve this balance of control while providing the flexibility to scale localized marketing efforts as needed.

The Need: Leverage the power of the national brand while embracing local nuance.
The Solution: Having a strong brand presence is a huge plus, and can even help drive local sales, but national branding alone won’t do the trick. Take it to the next level with a localized strategy, one that’s tailored to the needs and preferences of a particular market. Whether it’s a community’s favorite sandwich or a specific car make and model on your dealership lot,’s unstructured-data approach helps deliver the most relevant product to highly targeted users in any given market.

The Need: An effective mobile strategy.
The Solution: As mobile usage continues to grow, so too is mobile advertising — a trend that will only become more prevalent in the coming years. And it’s not just that consumers spend hour upon hour nose-deep in their smartphones; mobile technology offers the latest cutting-edge advancements and more creative, effective ways of reaching them. The foremost of which is location data, which helps marketers go beyond cookies and search data by reaching audiences at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Intrigued?’s Geo-Fencing solutions are a good place to start.

The Need: Connect online ad spend to offline foot traffic.
The Solution: Foot traffic is the lifeblood of any franchise business; wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly how effective a digital campaign is at driving in-store visits?’s Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones solution offers the ability to do just that. After serving mobile ads to targeted users, we can track who physically enters a brick-and-mortar location and attribute their visit as an offline conversion. We are then able to compare this group to a baseline of users seen at the brick-and-mortar location who weren’t served an ad, resulting in a reporting metric called Geo-Conversion Lift. With this ability to directly attribute offline foot traffic to online ad spend, clients have an unprecedented level of insight into a digital campaign’s ROI — an invaluable tool for any franchise marketing toolkit.

The Need: Ensure marketing efforts never operate in a silo.
The Solution: With the wealth of emerging advertising opportunities in the digital space, it can be tempting to play it safe and streamline efforts through a single channel. But when marketing efforts operate in a silo, the marketer will never see the full picture — lacking the data and the opportunities necessary to most effectively target their ideal customer. In order to remain competitive, franchise marketers need a strategy that reaches across multiple channels and employs targeting tactics strategically.’s unique blend of programmatic solutions offers the ability to reach users across numerous devices with a wide range of targeting tactics, ensuring that you reach consumers at the time and place they’re most receptive.

The Need: The ability to optimize on market differences.
The Solution: Not all markets are the same; why should your marketing be? Size, location, preferences, affluence, competition, nomenclature — all can affect the preferences, and profitability, of any individual market. Franchise marketers must be able to reach potential customers at precise locations and get granular with their audiences at scale, especially when it comes to mobile advertising. And’s use of unstructured data allows us to scale marketing efforts with unparalleled precision, making it easier to give each franchise location — and its owner — the attention it deserves.

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