Every Friday, we sit down with Frost Prioleau, CEO and Co-Founder at to get his perspective on the week in AdTech. This week, Frost reports back from the Direct Marketing Association 2013 Annual Conference in Chicago. 

Q: You just got back from the DMA 2013 Conference billed as “The Global Event for Data-Driven Marketers.” What was the big take-away for you?

A: The DMA represents many traditional direct marketing companies who are experts at executing with offline data. It was clear that many see a big opportunity to bring all of that offline data online. Many of course have made the transition from using regular mail to highly targeted e-mails, but e-mail is limited. There is a limit to the number of times a brand can send email to individuals, and much commercial e-mail is filtered as spam or just remains unopened. There’s a powerful opportunity for direct marketers to apply their offline, CRM data to expand their communications with their clients via banner ads, mobile ads and video.

Q: You participated on a panel entitled, “Digital Marketing Breakthroughs: The Power of Integrated Marketing.” How can integrating offline and online data improve results?

A: I presented a case study from on of our clients, a luxury spa for whom we targeted users who searched of a variety of vacation and travel terms AND had annual household income of over $200K. The income filter was achieved using offline data. The campaign beat its CPA goal by 66%, and delivered strong branding to qualified travelers for future bookings.

One of my fellow panel members, ALC,  shared how they are using targeted banner ads to increase response rates on traditional mailing. They reported a 2x to 5x ROI for this tactic. So, offline can support online, and vice versa.

Q: What kind of offline data can someone use with the platform? can onboard any type of CRM data into our platform in an unstructured data format. This enables our clients to use their data in its most effective way  across display and mobile ad inventory. So much of the offline data companies have is very granular. It would be a shame to have to stuff it all back into an opaque audience segment to use it online.

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