Geo-Fencing Audience Strategy Series: Custom Audiences


In the last installment of our Geo-Fencing Audience Strategy Series, we dove into how location-based marketing and’s Geo-Fencing technology can help drive successful competitor conquesting. This week, we’ll take a look at how advertisers can take advantage of’s Geo-Fencing product suite to create custom audiences of customers who have visited specific locations of interest relevant to their product or service. This is a powerful way to maximize the effectiveness of impressions and ensure that the right customers see your ads at the right time.


Reminder: Location-Based Marketing is Crucial

Savvy marketers know that one of the keys to effective advertising is to reach consumers on the devices where they are spending the most time. And today, consumers can be found spending an abundant amount of time on their mobile devices. Research shows that people check their phones on average a staggering 85 times a day (PLOS Research). If that’s not convincing enough, 60% of purchase-influencing ads are now viewed on a mobile device (IAB). This consumer obsession with all things mobile presents advertisers with a tremendous opportunity. Targeting consumers when they’re on their phones with the right ads at the right time is a surefire way to drive foot traffic and ultimately increase sales. Just think what this could mean for your bottom line.


Leverage Geo-Fencing to Target Local Audiences

Nomenclature, local preferences, and buying habits vary from city to city. Because of this, it is important that advertisers have the ability to customize target audiences to local needs. Fortunately, we have a solution.

Using’s Geo-Fencing, advertisers can take advantage of targeting custom audiences who have visited specific locations of interest relevant to their product or service. Perhaps you want to target consumers who are in a certain proximity to one of your physical locations? Our technology lets you draw custom-shaped geo-fences that can encompass your business and/or any designated area around it and target those folks seen within that predefined area instantly or up to 30 days after their visit. This is a great option for restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, or even retail shops that are located in prime foot traffic areas.

Advertisers can also create custom audiences by targeting relevant businesses or locations that relate to their product or service. For example, you might want to geo-fence hangout spots that are popular with your customers. You can also geo-fence locations that indicate an interest or need related to your business. This could entail something like a sporting goods store targeting a local tennis court, or a hotel advertising to people at a nearby airport. Any location where you might find a high concentration of potential customers is a custom audience ripe for targeting.

Another great use case would be the ability to layer in Addressable Geo-Fencing and build a custom audience of users at the household level that you can target with mobile, video and OTT/CTV ads. With, advertisers can pick the geo that they’d like to target by giving us the preferred demographic info in that geo, and then using’s Addressable Geo-Fencing technology, we can target those specific households that match the specified criteria.

And there’s more.’s variable recency ensures that you are targeting your custom audiences at the right time. Someone who visited a relevant location six months ago may not necessarily be the best target for an ad—they may have lost interest in your product, or already bought what you are selling and moved on. This is why range of recency in your targeting efforts is so valuable. With you can target instantly or up to 30 days following being seen in a target fence.’s variable recency makes it possible to target consumers at the right time, when their interest level is high and they are poised to make a purchase.


Connecting Advertising to Foot Traffic

What if advertisers could track the effectiveness of a campaign while it’s running, in real-time, and optimize as needed? With you can. Our Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones solution is an award-winning tool for attributing online-to-offline conversions.

After serving mobile ads to targeted users, advertisers are able to track who physically enters a brick-and-mortar location and can attribute their visit as an offline conversion. It doesn’t stop there. By using’s Geo-Conversion Lift metric, the advertiser can also determine which foot traffic was naturally converted vs. influenced by an ad. By tracking online-to-offline conversions, advertisers get a direct view into how their targeting efforts are performing, and can optimize their campaigns as needed throughout the lifecycle of the campaign.


Geo-Fencing in Action

Building custom audiences with’s Geo-Fencing has proven to be a very successful tactic in the franchise industry. One nationally franchised sandwich shop chose to partner with in their efforts to reach local audiences in a way that would benefit each unique location.

The client utilized’s Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zone technology to target neighborhoods and businesses located near each of their sandwich shops. By setting up geo-fences in the vicinity of each location, we were able to deliver targeted ads to a relevant audience to entice potential customers to have lunch at the sandwich shops. And since the buying cycle for food is very short, instant recency of the ads was imperative to successfully increase in-store visits.

The result was a 235% lift in foot traffic across all stores from targeted locations. The campaign was also able to deliver a .21% CTR (nearly doubling the industry average). To learn more, access the complete case study here.

Don’t let your targeting efforts be irrelevant and outdated. Building a custom audience of mobile users to target with relevant and timely ads is an essential part of driving in-store visits and increasing conversions.

Be sure to come back next week as we take a look at the most precise temporal geo-targeting technology on the market:’s Event Targeting solution.