Getting Creative with’s Advanced Geo-Fencing



Mobile targeting works many wonders, but there’s no denying that quite a few marketers have yet to achieve its full potential. Two top challenges: precision and scale when trying to get the right audiences.

To help marketers find creative ways to turn data into audiences, has developed an advanced temporal geo-targeting solution that takes location-based marketing into a higher realm. it means your ads will only reach people who have physically entered the area within a chosen radius of a given target. Maybe the location you choose is a shopping mall, your brick and mortar store, or maybe a competitor’s store. Maybe it’s an entire zip code or an airport. Whatever you choose, this kind of location-based marketing has been traditionally seen as a way to increase foot traffic in stores.

But our sophisticated geo-fencing tools use unstructured data as well as latitude and longitude data to help you get really precise in your targeting. We offer scalability, granular localization, and recency that ranges from instant to 30 days out. We can also offer location file import and export capabilities and the ability set time and date and location parameters.

Here’s what this kind of advanced Geo-Fencing looks like in action:


Event Targeting

If there’s one logical way to find future customers, look no further than Event Targeting. Maybe these people hit a Black Friday sale and are keen to hear about your new offer. Maybe they’re fans gathering at a huge sports event in your city, and they are likely to notice an ad for somewhere to eat after the game. By finding people who attended an event at a specific date, time and location, you can build an audience that has demonstrated the right interest. This isn’t a one-time opportunity either; the audiences are portable and reusable.

Customer Loyalty
This technique goes in a different direction. Now you’re targeting customers who’ve already been to your brick and mortar locations. These people have shown interest in your products, so they’re ripe for promotional and loyalty offers. You can stay top of mind, promote seasonal items, sales and events, and even use your rewards program to deepen the customer relationship.

Competitor Locations
A clever version of the above, this kind of Geo-Fencing looks past your own past shoppers to market to customers who’ve visited one of your competitor’s locations. In some ways, this can be the smartest move of all; they’ve shown interest in a similar product without discovering you yet. Now you have an opportunity to steal them away from your competitor and increase market share. By matching prices, highlighting your differentiating factors or launching promotional offers, you can weaken the competition’s marketing while growing your customer base.

Custom Audiences
This approach lets you market to customers who have visited locations relevant to your product or service within the last 30 days. You could throw the doors wide open and look for people who’ve frequented the same neighborhood as your store. Or you could get more specific, showing florist ads to people who’ve recently visited a bridal shop. By identifying their shopping habits, lifestyle and needs, you’re more likely to increase the viewer receptivity to your ad.

The above are just a few instances of how detailed Geo-Fence parameters can build audiences ripe for the picking. So if you’re already using location-based tools, ask yourself if you’re getting the most out of your localized marketing. Because there’s a range of powerful techniques just waiting for you when you use the right Geo-Fencing solution.