Case Study: Golf Club Targets Golfers and Drives Conversions With



A golf club wanted to raise awareness about its 18-hole golf course with its target audience. They enlisted to utilize Geo-Fencing and Addressable Geo-Fencing technology along with other programmatic tactics to reach its audience, generate both online and offline conversions, and achieve a CTR of 0.12%.


SETUP & SOLUTION and the advertiser worked together to develop a comprehensive programmatic advertising strategy. In the end, it consisted of a variety of tactics, including Geo-Fencing, Addressable Geo-Fencing, Event Targeting, Site Retargeting, Search Retargeting, and Keyword Contextual targeting.

The golf club provided a list of specialty golf stores that it wanted to target, and drew target fences around each store to reach golf enthusiasts. Additionally, custom-curated a list of golf courses throughout the state using its Addressable Audience Curation tool. Our platform then took those results and automatically drew target fences around each golf course.

When the advertiser learned of a nearby professional golf tournament, the golf club, and chose to take advantage of it.’s Client Success team drew Event Targeting geo-fences around the physical location of the golf tournament and scheduled the fences to capture users during the exact dates and times of the event. This enabled to capture golf fans who attended the tournament and retarget them at a later date and time.

Using algorithmic learnings, made changes and optimizations to the campaign’s keyword recency setting by decreasing the retargeting window from one month to one week. This ensured that the campaign reached relevant users in a timely manner with maximal performance.



Over the course of six weeks, generated 41 physical visits to the golf club and 598 visits to its website. Together, these online and offline visits amounted to 639 conversions for an overall CPA of $7.19. The campaign also achieved a 0.15% CTR, exceeding the advertiser’s goal of 0.12%.


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