Harness Online Traffic With Retargeting & Holiday Promotions


With Christmas just around the corner, marketers are in high gear. More money is spent around the holidays than any other time of year, so it’s important you make your brand the one customers remember in order to make the most of the online traffic available. Retargeting is an effective and measurable way of increasing your brand’s online presence during the holidays – a time when web traffic is at an all-time high.

Site retargeting with display advertising featuring holiday and event-based promotions is a great way to bring existing customers back to your site. This is especially true for ‘almost’ customers that browse, perhaps even place some items in their shopping cart, but don’t make the purchase. The holiday promotion may be the extra push they need to make the purchase. And, it keeps your brand top of mind.

Promotional messaging should be front and center in your display ads .To make holiday promotions a success, you need to plan ahead. Think about the type of campaign you’d like to run. Prepare website changes in advance and take the time to create holiday-themed creative ads that will drive traffic to a matching landing page.Cart with presents

The holidays push traffic online to reach epic proportions – utilize search retargeting in conjunction with site retargeting to reach both consumers who have already visited your site as well as new users who have yet to visit. Retargeting users who have already expressed interest in your product/service through a search performed or visiting your website allows you to target those who have a higher chance of converting.

Be sure your display ads are visually enticing and that they lead to a relevant landing page when clicked. Keep messaging to the point and simplistic rather than complicated and wordy. And, avoid distracting and busy graphics such as blinking lights. Many deals are offered during the holiday season – so be sure your deal or promotion stands out by offering something useful and relevant to the viewer.

There is an intense amount of competition on the web so creating a competitor keyword list to use in search reatargeting campaigns allows you to target consumers who have researched competitor products/services and get your brand in front of them. Retargeting is a way to increase awareness of your company on the Internet while retaining past visitors and making yourself known to new visitors, and it’s a holiday marketing trick no good marketer should be without.