How Display Advertising Reaches Prospective & Current Customers


Digital advertising allows you to engage your prospects and current customers in a manner meaningful to them. To (hopefully) prove our point, consider the following example.

You’re watching television and up pops an ad for a car dealership. Back in the old days, the ad would generally command your attention and you’d patiently sit through it. If you weren’t interested in buying a car, you probably would do nothing (although the ad would, in a sense, “introduce” you to the brand.) If you were serious, you’d say to yourself, “I’m going to go to the dealership tomorrow.”

Fast forward to today. An ad for a car dealership comes on TV. You do one of three things: you skip it (thanks to TiVo), you watch it and – assuming you’re looking for a car – decide to go to the dealership tomorrow, or perhaps you call the dealership. Or, in today’s “always connected” world more than likely you whip out your laptop, phone or tablet and enter “car dealership” plus your home town in a search engine. Search Engine

Then a new phenomenon occurs: as the user navigates the results and visits various dealership’s pages they are targeted with your dealership’s ad as they browse the web to remind them of the commercial they just saw. There they see a display ad telling them about can’t-miss deals. Utilizing targeted display ads in search retargeting helps marketers better target prospects. Search retargeting goes beyond reaching those who are already engaged with your brand at the moment and extends messaging to those who interacted with your brand in a period of time from instant to 30 days. The ability to customize when you target the user aftrer the search is performed allows you to customize campaigns for max impact.

Then, there’s site retargeting which allows advertisers to leverage what they already know about their customers’ activity on their website to re-engage them. It bridges the gap to allow you to effectively target those already interested and re-engage them as well as begin a conversation with those who do not know about you. Reach prospective and current customers online. Site retargeting ultimately allows marketers to follow-up with customers who visited their site, but didn’t complete a transaction while keeping customers engaged across the Internet.

This anecdote hopes to illustrate that thanks to search and site retargeting, companies can insert themselves into the customer experience in a meaningful way. And we can show you how to do it.