How Retargeting Can Help Build Your Brand


It is every business’ dream that just the sight of their logo or the mention of their tag line will be cause for immediate recognition. Think: golden arches or the words “I’m Lovin’ It”. It’s iconic and you immediately get it. To most people one or both of these are very recognizable. Branding is an important part of advertising. You want to drive new traffic to your website, or into your store, you want to take away the lion share of the market from competition and you want to build brand awareness.

Brand loyalty is always a key concern, and brands that do it best are considered “lovemarks” – explained best in a book by Kevin Roberts, a lovemark is loyalty to a brand beyond reason. Loyalty in the form of a lovemark is based on: great stories, sensuality (sight, touch, sound, smell) and intimacy (commitment, empathy, passion).Brands that capture audiences this way transcend the normal meaning of a brand and enter an entirely new world where advertising and marketing are valued due to what they offer the consumer – something they love.

Many businesses are using search retargeting as a way to get their brand out to those who are searching online for what their business offers, but don’t necessarily know their business exists. These potential clients are targeted based on previous searches they have conducted on various search engines, such as Google and Bing. If a prospect is searching for what a business or advertiser offers the business/advertiser can target those same users through display advertisements designed to engage. The key to successful engagement is utilization of the 3 attributes of a lovemark outlined above. When designing a banner ad – be sure the ad tells a story – you only have a limited amount of time, but telling a story can still be done quite concisely. Utilize sensuality – make the banner visually appealing, for instance, and be sure the brand expresses something that connects with the viewer on an emotional level – invoke curiousity, incite passion or make users want to learn more.

Search retargeting for small businesses is brilliant. It allows them to target a relevant audience with their company’s display ads. These engaging display ads will be shown to users as they do what they do each day – brose the web. The lasting image that is created by seeing a company’s brand is exactly the type of branding big business use with advertising campaigns that typically cost large sums of money.

Site retargetingSite retargeting also allows small business to reap the max benefits of advertising dollars by retargeting users who have already visited a company’s website but left without converting. Coupling both search and site retargeting allows advertisers to reach new audience members who have not visited the company’s site previously as well as users who have already visited,

Being able to drive new traffic to a business’ website, and generate revenue while taking a considerable amount of the market away from the competition, is the measure of any great marketing campaign. Search retargeting, along with great advertising and a forward thinking social media campaign, can really build significant brand awareness and offer businesses new customers who will eventually become loyal customers.