How to Capitalize on Your Summertime Marketing Campaigns with Location-Based Marketing


With Memorial Day quickly approaching and the holiday weekend being the unofficial kickoff to summer, it’s time for advertisers to start thinking about how to win-out with their summertime advertising efforts.

At, we’ve been the long-time industry leader in helping advertisers localize their programmatic ad campaigns using a variety of location-based targeting efforts—from Geo-Fencing and Event Targeting to our newest Addressable Programmatic offerings. Today, location-based marketing has reached a new level of sophistication that would have been hard to imagine a decade ago.

Let’s take a look at how our Geo-Fencing and Addressable Programmatic solutions can make your campaigns stand out this summer.


Geo-Fencing: The Classic Way to Leverage Location-Based Marketing

Geo-Fencing with is the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific geographic areas.’s Geo-Fencing technology enables marketers to target audiences using custom targeting shapes with pinpoint precision. For instance, advertisers can geo-fence popular summertime spots (e.g. beaches, lake marinas, etc.) to drive more customers to their stores. Let’s say you are a boating company, or perhaps a house rental company along a popular lake. Maybe you’re even a popular restaurant within the county interested in targeting those out on the lake. With, you can Geo-Fence lake-goers and target them throughout the summertime to drive further awareness of your products/serves. And with our Conversion Zone technology, advertisers can measure foot traffic attribution and track online-to-offline conversions to see how their Geo-Fencing campaigns are performing. Additionally,’s Geo-Conversion Lift takes attribution reporting one step further, giving advertisers valuable understanding and insights into determining which foot traffic was naturally converted vs. influence by an ad. This is huge for measuring performance and campaign optimizations.

Another way you can maximize value with Geo-Fencing is through the use of’s Event Targeting. Advertisers can target customers who attended specified events with the most precise temporal geo-targeting solution available. Event Targeting is used to build an audience based on a Geo-Fence during a specified date and time window of an event and then advertise to those customers. Use Event Targeting for Fourth of July festivals, summer music festivals, etc. Once you’ve captured a relevant audience at these events, re-target these likely prospects later with digital ads.


Summertime Address-Level Targeting with Addressable Geo-Fencing

Simply put, our Addressable Geo-Fencing gives advertisers a powerful, efficient, and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with digital advertising. You can use it both as a standalone tactic, and to augment more traditional marketing efforts like direct mail. Here’s how it works: advertisers upload addresses into the platform. Then, devices seen within those addresses’ plat lines are targeted with mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads.

There are numerous ways advertisers can leverage Addressable Geo-Fencing this summer. Perhaps you are a nationwide pool supply store, aiming to target those households you know have pools. By using Addressable Geo-fencing, you can precisely target each of those individual households, skipping those without pools, and encourage them to visit your store for summertime pool supplies such as floats, equipment, and more. Already pushing a summertime promotion via direct mail or traditional TV? Boost these efforts with the power of digital advertising.

Don’t have your own CRM or access to first-party customer data? Don’t worry, has you covered. Our list curation capabilities gives you access to the largest, most accurate and comprehensive collection of U.S. multi-sourced offline consumer data available, all of which is at your disposal. And with our Geo-Conversion Lift technology now available with Addressable Geo-Fencing, foot traffic attribution is easy. It lets you track online-to-offline conversions, and provides granular insights with metrics like campaign conversions vs. natural conversions to better determine which foot traffic was naturally converted vs. influenced by an ad.


Serve Summertime Ads Where the Eyeballs Are

We all know that consumers are glued to their OTT/CTV devices. After all, OTT/CTV users now comprise more than 55% of the U.S. population (eMarketer). With’s Addressable OTT/CTV advertising technology, advertisers have access to the most powerful and comprehensive solution for delivering advanced TV advertising at the household level. Customers can target physical addresses using GPS and plat line data to serve OTT/CTV ads with unmatched precision and scale.

Perhaps you are an auto dealer looking to push your big Fourth of July close out sale. By utilizing Addressable OTT/CTV, you can leverage your CRM data or other customer data to serve OTT/CTV ads to households or businesses. As with our Addressable Geo-Fencing solution, we can also curate lists on your behalf if you don’t have access to first-party data.

What’s more? lets advertisers target both on the big screen and small screens, providing you with a highly effective way to deliver video creative to your desired audience. Ultimately, it’s about combining the impact of TV advertising with the precision of digital. brings advertisers the best in location-based marketing. Be sure to use the tactics and use cases above to capitalize on your 2019 summer marketing campaigns. To learn more, reach out to us at