How to Combine Search Retargeting & Keyword Contextual Targeting to Reach More In Market Searchers


In the world of online advertising, sometimes two effective targeting techniques are even more effective when used together.

Search retargeting is a highly effective targeting technique that has been attracting lots of buzz lately. Using search retargeting leading brands and agencies around the world are deploying successful display campaigns targeting online consumers based on search behavior.

Search retargeting has been hailed as a major leap forward in both reach and effectiveness for search marketers and display marketers alike. Traditional paid search conversion rates are typically less than 5%, but search retargeting has given marketers the ability to continue the conversation with the other 95% through relevant display ads across thousands websites while maintaining the same keyword level bidding and optimization control search marketers have spent years mastering.

On the other side, display marketing professionals are utilizing search retargeting as a smarter, more transparent behavioral targeting technique with high conversion rates. Search Retargeting also offers significantly more element-level insight into consumer intent than the pre-built data segments historically made available.

While search retargeting is highly effective, it does not address the increasing number of users who are navigating directly to websites. The millions of consumers actively searching for products, services and topics across a vast array of specialized publisher sites without leaving a keyword breadcrumb trail. Leading websites spend millions of dollars increasing direct navigation and building links to landing pages in an effort to bypass search engines all together.

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