Large Agency Increases Efficiencies With’s Cross-Platform Solutions


Agency Overview
• Large scale advertising agency specializing in real estate marketing
•  Partnered with for almost 4 years on behalf of multiple house builders and developers
•  Relies on’s programmatic advertising technology with location-based solutions to drive foot traffic into model homes
•  Runs Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and social media advertising through’s Managed Service offering to drive bottom of the funnel traffic to schedule appointments and visit model homes
Average Results for All Advertisers
•  <$100 Cost Per Visit
•  >.11% Display CTR
•  7.05% SEM CTR




Siloed media buying has proven to be one of the biggest challenges for advertising agencies in recent years. With the average agency partnering with nearly 28 technology vendors (ClickZ), it’s increasingly complex to efficiently manage budgets across multiple digital channels. Recently, an agency specializing in omnichannel real estate marketing sought to consolidate vendors by expanding their relationship with They sought to leverage reliable customer service, consolidated reporting, streamlined workflows, and cross-channel planning in order to deliver stronger advertising performance for their clients.

After years of successfully managing programmatic advertising through, the advertising agency wanted to take advantage of’s other Managed Service offerings. On behalf of multiple real estate advertisers, the team established a strategy across three digital advertising channels:

  1. Programmatic – Including display, video, and CTV
  2. Google Search – SEM
  3. Social Media – Facebook



Originally, the advertising agency utilized’s addressable programmatic solutions to target customers at the household-level and drive foot traffic to their advertisers’ model homes. By using’s Addressable Audience Curation tool, the team built custom audiences by choosing from more than 3,000 demographic variables to target households that featured prospective homebuyers.

The agency selected households featuring users who were likely to move in the next 90 days or in the market for a mortgage in various markets including Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Austin. They created distinct audiences that matched the following household income criteria based on the cost of the homes in each development:

  • High-End Homebuyers: HHI $200k+
  • Mid-Tier Homebuyers: HHI $100k+
  • First-Time Homebuyers: HHI $75k+’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution then matched each individual address to the exact shape and size of the property based on GPS and plat line data, and automatically built a custom-shaped target fence around each location to serve display, video, and CTV ads. Overall, each development targeted anywhere from 45,000 to 250,000 unique households. In general, high-end developments targeted fewer parcels due to the increased income criteria, while the mid-tier and first-time homebuyer categories targeted significantly more parcels.

The team then drew Conversion Zones around each of the model homes to measure the number of users who visited one of the housing developments in-person after being served an ad. Over the last four years, the agency has seen an increase in the number of online and offline conversions across in-person visits, phone calls, and online form fills for all of their advertisers.



While the agency experienced programmatic success with, they were actively seeking a new vendor for Search Engine Marketing and social media advertising. They quickly recognized that’s Managed Service for Google and Facebook offerings would provide committed customer service, workflow efficiencies, streamlined reporting, and a consistent fee structure. Therefore, they started running a large percentage of their search and social budgets with in mid-2022.

After several months of running campaigns across multiple clients, the agency decided to move 100% of their outsourced search and social budgets to in addition to programmatic.’s cross-platform capabilities provided the agency with access to:

Consolidated Customer Support:Single point of contact and access to’s dedicated Google and Facebook experts
Unified Reporting:Single dashboard for all channels
Strategic Campaign Management:Guide budget allocation decisions, adjust strategy, optimize creative, etc.



Overall, having one partner across digital advertising channels led to efficiencies in campaign set up, reporting, billing, and more. The teams also drove significant foot traffic and online conversions on behalf of multiple real estate advertisers. The average Cost Per Visit for all of the agency’s advertisers remained below $100, exceeding the agency’s benchmark KPI. In addition, also delivered a 7.05% CTR for Search Engine Marketing, which is almost double the national real estate average of 3.7%.

Thanks to the ease of consolidation and increased performance, the advertising agency will continue working with to drive results for real estate advertisers.

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