Law Firm Reaches a Specific Audience to Bring in New Cases With


Advertiser Overview
•  Law firm focused on families with children injured at birth
•  Deployed programmatic advertising to identify families impacted by medical malpractice
•  Sought to educate parents and become a source of knowledge for families of injured children

•  6.1M Unique User Reach
•  45 New Leads
•  Achieved Advertiser’s Goal for New Cases




Law firms seeking potential clients for medical malpractice cases have unique advertising needs. Beyond adhering to specific marketing restrictions, these legal advertisers need partners that can identify and reach an extremely niche audience with precision. At the end of 2021, a law firm that focuses on injuries at birth sought to raise awareness and promote their services to families with children that have been victims of malpractice or negligence.

The law firm partnered directly with to identify families with children that had potentially been injured at birth and target them using CTV, pre-roll, and display ads. They knew’s precise behavioral and location-based targeting solutions could help them reach the appropriate audience. Primarily, the legal team sought to educate families about the wide variety of injuries that could be considered medical malpractice and give users an option to learn more information. and the firm created a unique strategy by building a custom audience for addressable targeting and implemented behavioral targeting with CTV ads for maximum impact. Due to the sensitive nature of the campaign, worked diligently to maintain compliance with advertising restrictions. The law firm’s goal was to convert one new case per year in order to provide sufficient ROI based on their estimated budget.


First, the firm leveraged’s Addressable Audience Curation tool to build a custom household-level audience using specific criteria directly in the UI. They curated an audience in real-time based on location data and by choosing from more than 700 demographic variables. The team selected households that contained children ages 0-6 within ZIP codes across seven DMAs located in the Northeast and Midwest. These ZIP codes were based on locations with previous malpractice case settlement awards or areas that had a high potential for success based on the legal environment.

With an audience of more than 1.15 million households,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution used GPS data paired with plat lines to match each address to the exact physical location, shape, and size of the property. The system then automatically built a target fence around each property to serve CTV, pre-roll video, and display ads.


The law firm used’s precise behavioral targeting to reach users based on their online searches. Keyword Search Retargeting enabled the firm to target users who were actively looking for content related to child birth injuries and medical negligence. implemented more than 930 keywords including special education, speech therapy, and dropped infants to serve pre-roll video and display ads to users across their devices. Additionally, they limited targeting to the same ZIP codes as the addressable campaign to ensure maximum coverage of those areas.

Advertising restrictions related to health and legal content limited the targeting tactics and conversion tracking capabilities that could apply. While the campaign could not directly track online conversions, the creative included a dedicated third-party phone number for viewers of ads to call in order to attribute conversions to the campaign. This method enabled the advertiser to correlate lead generation associated with and to determine the campaign ROI.

MAXIMIZING REACH AND DRIVING LEADS closely monitored the campaign on behalf of the law firm and made mid-flight optimizations to maximize performance. Most notably, the team added and removed keywords, allocated more budget to CTV and pre-roll creatives, and removed underperforming ZIP codes.

Overall, the law firm was pleased with the results of the campaign. They served a variety of ads to more than six million individuals fitting their criteria. In less than five months, they gained 45 leads and achieved their goal of taking on one new client, plus two additional qualified candidates with potential for cases.

Key Solutions


Addressable Geo-Fencing
Built an addressable audience in real-time including households with children ages 0-6 inside ZIP codes across seven DMAs


Addressable Audience Curation
Automatically targeted 1.15 million curated households with CTV, pre-roll, and display ads


Keyword Search Retargeting
Implemented 930+ keywords related to special education, speech therapy, dropped infants, and more

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